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Would Space Heaters Be More Efficient Than Central Heater?

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Would Space Heaters Be More Efficient Than Central Heater?

Postby Ward » Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:48 pm

We're living in a 2 bedroom apartment now. In the living room, the temperature is normal, but in the 2 rooms, it's really cold because of the windows (and the poor insulation, i guess) so we purchased 2 space heaters and put one in each room. we're using the central heat to keep our living room warm, and 2 heaters to keep the rooms warm. however, our recent electric bill reached about $200. Now, I'm not sure which combination would be the most efficient.

2 space heaters, central heater

3 space heaters, no central heater

no space heaters, central heater only (we would have to turn up the heat to keep both rooms warm, but the living room will become too warm
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Would Space Heaters Be More Efficient Than Central Heater?

Postby Neka » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:33 pm

What do you mean the windows and insulation?

If you have drafts coming through the windows or along

the floor molding, it would be much better if it could be

sealed instead with a caulk gun or even duct tape

(for a quick fix in the meantime) if you can't get your

landlord to get on it. It really makes a big difference.

So much so, you may not need the space heaters at all.

You need to check along the outside edges and beneath

the woodwork of the window frame molding as well as the

window pane/glass itself because sometimes drafts come from

there too.
But if you have old wood floors and drafts are coming

from the whole floor through the floor boards and you can't seal

the whole floor, carpet or at least one of them rugs you can roll up

and put away come spring is worth it.

That and heavy drapery (if you still need it) would save you plenty

in fuel and high electric costs due to space heaters.
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Would Space Heaters Be More Efficient Than Central Heater?

Postby Aeary » Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:08 pm

Do you mean more efficient, or cheaper to run? If your central heat is also electric, and if you use electric heat from any source to heat the same space, you are probably going to pay an almost identical amount for the heat. It uses about the same amount of electricity to heat a certain space a certain amount, regardless of what kind of heater you use.

I have an electric forced air furnace in my house but experimented one winter with using a plug-in space heater instead, only using the furnace on the few nights it got below freezing. My electric bill was practically the same as it was when using only the furnace all winter.

If your central heat is gas, it might be cheaper to run than electric heat. Depends what you pay for each kind.

You didn't say what kind of central heat you have, so it's hard to know what to recommend. I don't know if you can close any vents in the living room so more heat gets to the bedrooms.

Do you have curtains and/or blinds on the windows, if you think the windows are contributing to heat loss? Do you keep the bedroom doors open so heat can circulate? If you only use the bedrooms pretty much when you're going to go to sleep, maybe an electric blanket is a better solution than a heater.
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Would Space Heaters Be More Efficient Than Central Heater?

Postby Caley » Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:35 am

First, is your central heat natural gas? If central is electric then space heaters will help reduce cost because all electric heaters produce the same btu's per watt (3.412 btu's).

If gas then you will probably do better with just gas. The US Energy Information Administration reports that Electric heat cost about 3X what natural gas cost. So your space differential would have to be at least 1/3 just to break even. Then add to that other variables, like how much of the electric heated air is leaking for the heated rooms and heating the other rooms, you easily get down to 1/4 or less.
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Would Space Heaters Be More Efficient Than Central Heater?

Postby Alessandro » Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:27 pm

Space heaters use too much electricity (forcing your electric bill to raise sky high), therefore, just buy some floor fans to push the heat into the bedrooms.
Also, make sure the beds are against a 'warm' wall and NOT right under or next to the wall with the window.
If you can't afford fans....then buy electric blankets.

You can also cut some cardboard to cover the windows.
The best thing is to put plastic over the windows but they can ONLY be done from the outside.
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Would Space Heaters Be More Efficient Than Central Heater?

Postby ailbhe13 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:30 am

Try NO space heater for a month.
Just use the space ones

in the bath area== keep towels warm.
Use a sweater.
I do this.

If the living room is too warm, point a small fan into the others.

If you have warm jammies, getting into a cold bed isn't too bad.

Don't warm a room that you aren't using.

Gud Luk.........P
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Would Space Heaters Be More Efficient Than Central Heater?

Postby Gavino » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:45 pm

They draw a high amount of amperage & are prone to tripping circuit breakers, heating wires, etc... In other words i wouldn't use unless for a short time & feel the cord & outlets for overheating. Also, never use extension cords with elec heat.
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