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My Pc Won't Turn On-- Is It The Power Supply Or The Motherboard? Help?

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My Pc Won't Turn On-- Is It The Power Supply Or The Motherboard? Help?

Postby Arnav » Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:11 pm

Used it last night, then went to sleep.
Woke up and it was off.
Hmm, I tried to turn it on but the button didn't work.
Opened it up and there is still the light on inside, but the fans aren't turning on either.
Gonna try to buy a new power supply and see if it's that. Otherwise could it be the mb?

What caused it to turn off on its own in the first place? Please help if this has happened to you.

My PC was built a month ago and everything is new.
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My Pc Won't Turn On-- Is It The Power Supply Or The Motherboard? Help?

Postby Omeet » Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:54 am

Light on inside, (Motherboard Power LED), and the fan's not spinning, is a GOOD indication that the power supply has gone south for the winter.

(Sorry about the Run-On!) However, check the surge protector first, then the AC outlet it's plugged into. Use a table lamp, if one is available. Try the outlet first, then the actual receptacle on the surge protector. It'll drive you nut's, if just this receptacle has gone bad! I build high-end gamer computers, and repair computers all the time. Went to turn my own computer on one day, and zilch! Hmmmm, let's go through the diagnosis.

Power? Yep, the surge protector power light is on, and my router has power that's plugged into it. Okay, maybe the power supply crapped out. Took it out, peered inside it at the electrolytic capacitors, checked the rectifier bridge, etc. Hmmm, let's try a different power supply. Nope! Nada! Bing! The brain kicked in. Grabbed a lamp, and checked the receptacle the tower was plugged into. Guess what I found? This particular surge protector, no longer resides at my house anymore! lol!

When a power supply goes out, there is a voltage rail that has dropped. This may be due to several hardware components inside, but I've found,(And several other computer geeks, across the world also), that the electrolytic capacitors, are usually the first power supply component to give out. This is due to the electrolytic paste inside dries up, or a gas has developed inside, causing the capacitor to split open, and ooze the paste out. (Everything you always DIDN'T want to know, huh? lol!) Also for quite some time, inferior capacitors hit the market. I believe some of these are still going around. Cheap power supply manufacturers use cheap components. Everyone wants to spend as little as possible. From the manufacturer to the consumer.

Find a source of cheap capacitors, and if you're building products that use these, you save tons of money! (Motherboards, graphics cards, and various other computer products, as well as the electronic items also) The inferior capacitors I 'spoke' of above, originally came from one source. A person was fired from a major capacitor company, and one of this person's friends, tried to steal the electrolytic paste formula.

The capacitor company found out what was a brew before the formula could be stolen, and fed the wrong formula to the thief. This formula had been known to develop gas inside after a period of time. (Sometimes it takes weeks, or even months) The gas expands inside the capacitor, and pushes the X on top of it,splitting the X open. The electrolytic paste oozes out, and the capacitor fails.
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My Pc Won't Turn On-- Is It The Power Supply Or The Motherboard? Help?

Postby weifield » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:07 am

Did you do anything to damage it or did it do it out of the blue. Also does it turn on but not start the operating system, or does it not turn on at all.
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My Pc Won't Turn On-- Is It The Power Supply Or The Motherboard? Help?

Postby wigmaere39 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:47 pm

Try plugging it in to a different outlet.

Also did you completely shut it down and restart it?

If not try that.

Since it so new and built for you, if this doesn't work I would take it back.
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