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Windows 7 Ultimate 64x Bit Sp1?

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Windows 7 Ultimate 64x Bit Sp1?

Postby Creag » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:13 pm

KARMA. Do something wrong or illegal and it will EVENTUALLY come back to bite you.

I agree with the girl that if you want win7 ultimate, you need 4G of ramm. Win 7 ultimate is a resource hog. But there is MORE

For your information

1 windows ULTIMATE does NOT mean "best" It means "MOST" as in biggest footprint, biggest drain on resources, most BLOAT. The reason you would want win 7 ultimate is if you are on an ENTERPRISE NETWORK and need business features like bitlocker.

2 almost all the sp1 posts online are the interim upgrade of SP1 FROM win7OEM. they are not the full OS

3 if you have a computer so old, that t has a 60G hd, you should NOT put windows 7 utimate and you should NOT put a 64 bit OS on it. You cannot run a 64 bit OS on a 32 bit computer

4 You should consider XP or win 7 STARTER edition on your hardware

Assuming you had a 64 bit computer which you do not, IF you would have done a legal install, it would have worked perfectly, you would not need to instal more than one or two drivers and it would have taken maybe half an hour

Because you did this, you blew out your hidden "return to factory condition"partition. This means you must load a legal OS using a "clean instal" (not an upgrade instal) AND you must load all your drivers IN CORRECT ORDER including all the reboots AND you must load your preinstalled software if you're still going to use it. About an hour and a half to two hours of work

IF you have your old windows dvd, run that, then get your drivers off the net. IF you don't have your dvd's your manufacturer will send you a free copy, EVEN IF YOUR WARRANTY EXPIRED, but you must pay shipping and handling, which is fair. It's about 17-25 US dollars. Make sure you ask for any other disc necessary like power dvd, sonic cineplayer, roxio, etc. If your unit is over a year old, they won't give you a driver cd, but you can still download the
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Windows 7 Ultimate 64x Bit Sp1?

Postby Wentworth » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:20 am

is ur RAM 4GB or up? if it's 3GB or lower u should install 32* bit of windows and if ur RAM is 4GB or up can u tell us the error message u got?
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Windows 7 Ultimate 64x Bit Sp1?

Postby Fiacre » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:40 pm

You need to give us your stats for this box. I'm thinking with the 60GB hard drive it has old hardware that perhaps is no longer supported by Windows.

Check out Lubuntu which is a modern operating system that should support your hardware and is a free download.
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