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Windows Xp Home?

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Windows Xp Home?

Postby Yigol » Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:50 pm

i was messing around with partitions as i installes ubuntu on to my xp machine i tryed getting rid ov ubuntu but it never worked and when i rebooted it sed haddrive failer or sdommet instrt systerm disk but i can not find it so i installed ubuntu so i had some thing to go on but i donmt like ubuntu cause i can not install any thing i need help with that aswell, im in the uk and do microsoft send you out free rerplacement disks?>also i have a windows 98 pc that needs a windows 98 disk ,but i have done something and it wont go of the like bios screen (the black one with all the info about pc whenn booting up) please help asap
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Windows Xp Home?

Postby Skye » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:53 pm

It sounds like what you need is a Windows XP installation cd.
Microsoft will not send you one.
You will need to buy one.
You could try downloading one by searching for a windows xp torrent but this is illegal.

To resolve your issues with booting your computer you will need to post more information and, perhaps, the exact error message(s) you are receiving.
Having said that, it sounds like something that has recently be installed is causing a problem with booting up.
When you are booting Windows try to keep pressing F8 and when a menu appears choose safe mode.
You may be able to get into Windows that way.
This will allow you to repair the problem.

I am using Kubuntu on my laptop and have never had a problem installing software.
You should start by using 'Add/Remove programs'.
Then type in your password when asked.
Click on 'Edit Software sources'.
Now click on the boxes you want to select to put a cross in them.
Then click on close.
Now you should be able to download more software.
You will, of course, need a working internet connection.

If you install software you find on the web you need to download programs that end in .deb.
The way I mentioned above is a better way though. Once you go through those instructions you will be able to download Flash player to view videos.

It sounds like your sound card has not been recognised in Ubuntu.
You should search on google for your soundcard and the word ubuntu.
This will help you to find other people with similar problems and may help you find a solution.
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Windows Xp Home?

Postby marshal » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:07 pm

i have just lost my installation disk fo xp~~


on the windows 98 machine its not doing any thing it does the bios thing then just stops on that screan and be 4 that it just loaded up to the windows 98 screen then flashed some words then went off(the full machine just powered off)on ubuntu i go on to websits to install thins then i just gett a erro message saying like (bla bal) cannot install or sommet and i carnt listeren to music play games go on youtube nothing all i can do is look at pics go on pidgen messenger and go on sertain websiteds
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