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Windows Xp Home Edition - Startup Error Msg.?

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Windows Xp Home Edition - Startup Error Msg.?

Postby Maoldhomhnaigh » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:40 am

Hi All.

When I turn on my PC and it starts up it starts up fine but then a small box, titled RUNDLL pops up with the message:

Error loading C:\WINDOWS\Spinehibe.dll - The specified module could not be found.

What is this? I cleared my system of Trojans recently and my Windows Defender tells me there is nothing malicious on my system.

How do I remove this? Can someone explain in clear and concise language how to do this please?



I click OK and it disappears
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Windows Xp Home Edition - Startup Error Msg.?

Postby Donagh » Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:26 am

I've never heard of that DLL either (and nothing comes up in Google).
If you have recently removed malware from your system, it is possible that something in your system has been rerouted through that file and (obviously) it can no longer be found.

Opening the command (Run>cmd) prompt and entering sfc /scannow may repair any native system DLLs, but ones placed by viruses/spyware will need to be removed manually (or in worst case scenarios, you can restore your system with the recovery set that came with or were opted to burn at purchase).

*NOTE* If you are a Vista user, you need to go to Start and search for 'cmd', right click and Run as Administrator.

Another way around may be to clean up your Start up applications.
Malware may have left shortcuts to their programs to start on boot which would certainly cause this error.

To do this, do as noted above and navigate to the command prompt and enter 'msconfig'.
This will bring up a little menu that you can (de)select anything wanting to start on boot.
Be careful, however, you don't want to inadvertently disable something critical!

Once that done with, I recommend running a freeware registry cleaning application such as CCleaner, to remove any left over entries.

If you are leery at all about fudging with your system, your local Geek Squad can definitely do it for you with an Optimization (running about $39.99)

If you have more serious issues, they may offer to sell you an Advanced Diagnostic with Software Repair which will include full hardware testing, making sure all malware has been removed and all errors resolved.
If need be, they can also do the system restore under the same package along with the optimization (running a total of 199.99 or 130.00 if under Warranty)
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Windows Xp Home Edition - Startup Error Msg.?

Postby stock » Wed Aug 02, 2017 11:04 pm

I've never heard of that dll file before in windows. Check the folder c:\windows and check if the file is there and just not being recognized. If is it and it were me, I'd delete the file because I know for a fact that's not a legit windows file. And for future reference, incase you're only running 1 anti virus/spyware program, that's not enough. Each anti virus/spyware program is only programmed to detect a certain number of viruses and only certain kinds. There's millions of different kinds of viruses/spyware out there, so if you rely on anti virus/spyware (I pesonally don't cause I don't trust those programs most the time), then I'd get more than 1 program for anti virus/spware because only have one only protects you to a certain percent.
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Windows Xp Home Edition - Startup Error Msg.?

Postby Os » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:13 pm

Boot to safe mode (keep tapping F8 on bootup)and schedule error checking.

right click on the drive and choose properties then tools then error checking.reboot.It will run chkdsk on bootup.this will get rid of broken file fragments.

If you can't do that or its still not booting do a repair install http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using...
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Windows Xp Home Edition - Startup Error Msg.?

Postby Cumin » Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:42 pm

I think what your ISSUE is..

Is a Start-UP Problem..you have the FILE that's missing..its just giving a ERROR about NOT loading ON TIME..


What I do is to limit my Start-Up..while useing a normal start-up..

Because if you type--[msconfig]--into your RUN(box)..and Click-OK you can adjust your Start-Up by customizing it--by turning off things..BUT Don't DO THAT-yet..


First Clean your Start-Menu..

One major FIX is to un-CheckBOX the LIST MY MOST RECENTLY Opened Files..and then CLICK-Clear..

the other is to Re-SET your NetFRAMEWORK..1.1..configuration...

Look in Administrative TOOLS...my Pentium PC opens a Page that offers a RESET..all policy levels..but my DELL Celeron D PC makes me open a second page--RUNTIME Security Policy(RESET ALL POLICY LEVELS)..
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Windows Xp Home Edition - Startup Error Msg.?

Postby Burchard » Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:40 am

I suggest you google sphinehibe.dll

It will probably tell you what that system file is used for. You might also be able to repair your system by replacing that dll, but I really can't tell you how.

.dll files are basically mini-programs that are used by other programs to help them do stuff. It could be something fairly benign, like reminder windows, or it could be something serious, like virus protection. Remember: Google it first.

P.S, my computer has a similar problem with different files, and it still works just fine.
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