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My Wife And I Want To Play Final Fantasy Xi Together One On Pc The Other On Xbox. What Would We Need To Do?

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My Wife And I Want To Play Final Fantasy Xi Together One On Pc The Other On Xbox. What Would We Need To Do?

Postby EmIyn » Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:55 am

Almost welcome to the wonderful world of Vana'diel!! Vana'diel is the home planet / world where Final Fantasy XI takes place.

Your wife and you and considering what my Son and I have been doing since March 2004 (so about 5.5 years).

Summary: You'll need two POL ID accounts, but there is more to it than that.
So, here is some additional information:


1) You'll need too purchase two copies of Final Fantasy XI (one copy for the PC and the other for the XBox 360.
You need to purchase these two packages for two reasons:

A) Each hardware platform uses different software codes.

B) ONLY ONE content ID per POL ID can be in use at anyone time.
Basically, for you and your wife to play side by side you each need your own POL ID.
More on this below.

Inside of these packages you'll find:

1) Software for the machine you're using

2) POL registration code -- Record and/or Keep the POL registration code.

You'll need this sometimes when talking to POL customer service.
Just take my word it is best to treat this as a irreplaceable document.
Fact is neither SE or POL will tell you your POL registration code.
They know it but won't tell you.
KEEP IT is the bottom line.

3) Various Final Fantasy XI registration codes.
You can obtain these code either:

A) In the software package (this is usually the cheapest legal method to obtaining FFXI registration codes)

B) Online (http://www.playonline.com/ff11us/topics/...
This page discusses buying each registration code individually.

The base game and each expansion has its own registration code.
At this time the registration codes you will need for everything are:

A) Final Fantasy XI base

B) Rise of the Zilart Registration Code

C) Chains of Promathia Registration Code

D) Treasures of Aht Urhgan Registration Code

E) Wings of the Goddess Registration Code

F) SE has three short story lines available, which you can purchase online using your POL viewer.
Each are $9.99

Back to Content ID and POL ID, as previously stated each no more than ONE Content ID can be in use for each POL ID.
This means if you have say 5 Content IDs, you can only use ONE of them.
Should you want to use a different one, you'll need to logout from the first one and then log into the other Content ID.

You might be wondering how characters come into play, at this point.
Maybe this diagram will help.

POL ID -> Content ID

|-> Content ID -> Character (main)

|-> Content ID -> Character (mule)

What this diagram displays is a POL ID with three (3) Content IDs and two characters.
A Content ID does NOT require a character to exist BUT a character requires a Content ID to exist.

NOTE: SE/POL charges based upon the number of Content IDs you own NOT number of characters.
In the above case the bill would be:

$12.95 for the first Content ID

$1.00 for each additional Content ID, which in the above case is 2 for $2.00

Total cost per month for the above POL ID is $14.95. ($12.95+$2.00).

In your personal case, without any mules your cost would be $12.95 * 2 per month or $25.90 per month.

NOTE: SE will bill you twice!! Once for each POL ID.
I bill my POL accounts to the same credit card.
Sometimes my credit card company will reject one of them as possible fraud or as a duplication (especially when the cost is the same).
I've set up my POL ID so they individually have different costs.
Doing this helped.

Now, what is this stuff about mules?

Mules are additionally characters you use for various purpose.
Some people use them to hold armor, weapons, crafting supplies so their main character's inventory is easier to use.
In our case (my Son and mine), we use mules for multiple purposes:

1) Hold armor and weapons, as we own more of it than our man character has inventory slots.
Think about it, after playing for 5.5 years (11 years together), we've collected a lot of stuff.

Why not throw it away or sell it? There are a lot of jobs to level and many pieces of armor are good for more than one job.
So we keep the armor / weapons around for when we plan on leveling another job for one of our characters.
This can save money, as Auction House prices fluctuate.

Crafting: There are three crafting reason to have mules:

A) Hold crafting supplies

B) With a different POL ID, to hold the supplies and hand them while the main character is crafting.
This can save time in reorganizing your inventory before and after crafting.

C) Have the mule be the crafter.
There are limits on how much crafting skill you can obtain.
Some people have different characters maxed out for each of the different crafting areas.
This is an advanced concept so don't worry about doing it today, but you should know something like this exists.

Auction House: There are multiple / different auction houses in the game.
I place a mule in the city of each auction house.
This way I can look for an item that might be out in o
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My Wife And I Want To Play Final Fantasy Xi Together One On Pc The Other On Xbox. What Would We Need To Do?

Postby Afi » Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:29 am

i'm sorry yet no. They have been initially going to permit it yet there replaced into an argument with Mocrosoft and Xbox stay. EDIT: Having in straight forward terms performed FFXI for some day(that's the worst mmo I actual have ever performed, even worse than the freebie Korean video games) i replaced into of the effect after analyzing numerous articles approximately go platform play, which you weren't allowed. I exhibit regret for paying for it incorrect. If the longtime gamers say you could then i could assume you could. i visit inspite of the undeniable fact that say that the interest is undesirable in each way and mmo could properly be undesirable. fee my remark down all you like inspite of the undeniable fact that it is the reality, sq. even admits it. in case you like a actual mmo wait until December 20, 2011 and p.c.. up megastar Wars: The previous Republic. no longer less than play international of Warcraft. a minimum of that interest isn't lacking undemanding mmo effective properties and does not require you to be grouped to wipe your backside. want I even point out Linkshells?
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