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Why Does The Monitor Of My Pc Go Black?

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Why Does The Monitor Of My Pc Go Black?

Postby Mitch » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:27 am

Suddenly the screen went black after so many lines showed up on it, also my mouse goes dead since I can't see the light on anymore. Connections were fine, unplugged and plugged back in VGA cable, still didn't work. I had to completely shut down my tower with the switch on the back. When it came back on it was working fine but then it went black again.

I have a laptop so I connected it to my monitor, the monitor works fine with my laptop, then I plug back in the cable in my PC and it's still black.

So could the problem be the video card or something? my mom took the PC to a repair shop and they said it was a virus on the computer, could it be? so far I don't know anything like this and all I've searched says that it's either monitor or video card. I think they ripped off my mom lol, I'm just curious about it, it's not even my PC and well I didn't pay for it.
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Why Does The Monitor Of My Pc Go Black?

Postby Penton » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:28 pm

It can be one of these things:

Video card is bad

Your computer is overheating

I would take the computer to another shop and see about putting more or new fans in and have them check your computer over to see if there is any other problem than the ones I mentioned.
I had this happen to me before and it was due to my CPU over heating.. I was able to fix this by get a super CPU cooler.
There also might be a heat max setting in your Bios that turns off the CPU when the CPU reaches a certain temperature.
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