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Why Did My Nat Type Change To Open On My Ps3?

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Why Did My Nat Type Change To Open On My Ps3?

Postby cooney94 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:16 am

Hey guys,So I have a ps3 slim I use it mostly for online gaming and movies.The past few months I was having horrible issues while playing online I could never find a lobby in CoD and always had a red bar which led to a serious lag.I heard that having a wired connection was better than having a wireless connection and since my connection was always low I decided to go with a wired connection.Once I did that my NAT type changed from Moderate to Open which is great because I can join pretty much any lobby and always have 4 bars.Does having a wired connection automatically switch you too a open NAT type or is there a different reason?Thanks guys add me on psn if possible I play pretty much every game "AdventureWithTay ".Thanks in advance:-)
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Why Did My Nat Type Change To Open On My Ps3?

Postby wulfcot » Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:18 am

Not always. Having really fast internet even on Wi-fi can put you on an Open NAT type. I've been using a wireless connection on my PS3 and my NAT type has been Open for the longest time. The only time it goes down to moderate or strict is if my area gets internet traffic or congested really badly. Having a wired connection is always better for speeds because it's transmitting directly into your console. Which explains why your speeds got better and why your NAT type has changed to Open.
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