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Why Are Some Authors So Opposed To Ebooks?

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Why Are Some Authors So Opposed To Ebooks?

Postby Kelly » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:05 pm

I was trying to get Harry Potter on my nook, and found that it wasn't available for ebook. I looked it up, and saw that JKR refused to publish her series on nook and kindle because she believes that books should be read on paper. I've heard other quotes from authors about how ebooks are bad. I agree in some manners. I love actual book, but sometimes it's hard to get to a bookstore or a library or even find the book. Sometimes it's so much more effecient just to get it on ebook format. And as my favorite author John Green said when asked about the subject "I don't care how people read; I care whether they read." Can someone enlighten me? They're efficient, enviormentally sound, and they promote reading. Thoughts?
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Why Are Some Authors So Opposed To Ebooks?

Postby Finnur » Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:46 pm

One reason could be that you can pirate eBooks.
Another could be analogous to the analog vs. digital debate in music (i.e. some musicians still prefer to record on analog even though digital is cheaper, easier, and has many more advantages, and some people prefer vinyl to CDs or digital files).

Basically, some people think print is a more pure and natural form and they write it with the intent that you will have physical pages to turn.
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Why Are Some Authors So Opposed To Ebooks?

Postby Beanon » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:38 pm

Have you ever heard any Ebooks that are sold in retail book stores? Even if there is, the authors may prefer paper books

Most Ebooks are sold online, and some of them are free, out of copyright.

I think the reason that some authors are so opposed to Ebooks is that ebooks is not as convenient as paper books.

Paper books are ready to read books.

To read a paper book, you don't need to use anything else

Electronic books are not ready to read books, strictly speaking, Electronic books are documents that are typically created on a computer,

Therefore, to read Ebooks, you need to use a device, such as an electronic book reading device like kindle, nook, etc, or perhaps on the computer.

Reading ebooks on a computer is not as convenient, it will cause more eyestrain. I can say that reading ebooks on a ebook reading device is better than reading them on the computer, but it is still not the best way. There are problems with formats, for example, if your ebook used a nook compatible format, you cannot read them on a kindle, except PDF format, which most ebook readers or all ebook readers supports, and they are easily converted from a word document.

Most authors will not publish their books in Ebook format. I believe that they create it in Ebook format first, then they upload it to a book publishing website to publish it, usually in PDF format. Perhaps a lot of people who reads books prefer paper books over ebooks, and some of them may have never heard of ebooks, particularly if they are not using a computer, they wouldn't know that there are ebooks.

Finally, I think that the reason that some authors are so opposed to ebooks is that it can be given away for free, because they are just files, if this happens, the author will lose a lot of money since there will not be anyone buying their ebooks. Regardless of how much money an author have made from, they will lose it one day, and they may not be able to get the money back quick enough if they publish their books in Ebook format
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