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Where Can I??

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Where Can I??

Postby Dougie » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:10 pm

this is taken from their FAQ

Mixman USB Hardware info

I plugged the USB Hardware Controller into my USB port but my computer does not recognize it. Plugging the controller into your USB port before installing the DM2 or LoopStudio software is the most common cause of errors during installation. To correct this, you must remove any incorrect entries in the Device Manager and allow Windows® to detect the controller again. If you have a PS2 mouse and standard keyboard:

* Unplug the DM2 controller.

* Check Device Manager for an incorrect driver installation:

* Click Start/ Settings/ Control Panel.

* Double-click the System icon.

* Go to the Device Manager tab.

* If you see a listing for an unknown device, click on the "? USB Device" and then click on Remove.

* Make sure that the DM2 or LoopStudio CD is in the CD drive and click the Refresh button. Windows® should correctly install the controller driver. To verify the installation, open the Device Manager in the System Control Panel. Windows® should show the controller and display it in the USB category as shown below. Close the Device Manager and retry the DM2 or LoopStudio software.

When installing the DM2 or LoopStudio software on Windows XP I?m prompted that the DM2 drivers is not Microsoft Certified. Should I proceed with installation? Yes, select the option to proceed with installation of the driver. The DM2 driver will not harm your system.

Are there XP drivers for the DM2? Yes. Please visit www.mixman.com/dm2 and click on the Updates tab.

Are there any updates available for the DM2? Yes. Please visit http://www.mixman.com/support/updates.ht...
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Where Can I??

Postby Hayym » Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:41 am

you should try


you need to sign up but can search and download drivers for many different things for free
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