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Whats Wrong With My Computer?

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Whats Wrong With My Computer?

Postby Devine » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:24 am

Okay so i have a Dell Laptop D630 , And everytime i turn it on , It has trouble starting , so it goes to this screen where Usually everything would load up , But nothing Happens , as if its Frozen. So then it restarts Itself. t repeats this Process until it starts up again and This time it asks for "start up repair"

I Clicked on Startup repair , But it didnt Work because when its done it asks me to do System restore then it comes on saying restore cannot be finished. IDK What Eles to do with This Computer. Helpp ?
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Whats Wrong With My Computer?

Postby Belmiro » Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:06 pm

Hi Misty,

I would suggest that you run the diagnostics to check the hardware functionality. Check the link below for steps: http://dell.to/1cJwpyf

If the hardware passes the testing, you may try booting the system in Safe Mode. The steps are:

1. Restart the system and press F8 once at Dell logo. The ?Advanced Boot Options Menu? would open.

2. Use the down arrow key to navigate to the option ?Safe Mode? and press enter.

3. Log in using an administrator account.

If the system is able to boot in Safe Mode, try performing a System Restore and see if it succeeds. You may try using multiple restore points.

If the system does not start in Normal or Safe Mode, you may have to restore the system to factory settings or reinstall the Windows.

Note: Factory Restore and Windows reinstall would cause loss of data. Get the important data retrieved and backed up before performing any of these.

You may check the link below to know how to restore system to factory settings using Dell PC Restore: http://dell.to/1245ADQ

Check the following link for steps to reinstall the Windows using the disc, if PC Restore does not work: http://dell.to/12agZ04

Hope this helps.


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