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What Do You Make Of This And Are There Stories About It Already?

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What Do You Make Of This And Are There Stories About It Already?

Postby Ahusaka » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:42 pm

A very close friend of mine has had "problems" with what might be called "Dissociative I dentity Disorder".

Over the last couple of years, I've seen what I believe are what might be "transformations" as they happened.

These are characterized by a very "dark" look. Her eyes seem to "go dark" and its like time stops (or slows down as if everything goes into a "slow motion") and its like all of the air is sucked out of the room like in a vacuum. Very weird. Twilight Zone'ish.

During these times, her behaviour could be characterized only as "evil". Pure and simple.

We have been in and out of a relationship which can never be because of these "turns".

Recently, though, she made incredible attempts to reignite the relationship by coming and staying with me for several days at a time and making a courageous effort to "not lose control".

She's very beautiful physically and as sweet as honey most always. Very vibrant. Adorable.

But eventually...it happens.

Now, as far as the "dark look", I guess it could be said that that's just a woman when she's angry. I've been married twice and have had my share of relationships and can say that that look and this look are not the same thing. At all. And it's not my imagination. I know this now because I accidentally caught it on camera. Which I have just discovered. I actually have it.

We had simply been having fun that day. A nice fire going, a little drink and we were sitting on the couch. Our dogs had come inside and we were tossing them a tennis ball around.

She looked happy and gorgeous so I picked up my phone to snag a couple memories.

I guess I was a little buzzed and didn't notice the turn happening. All I know is that within a short while from then she was gone.

In the pictures it's her holding up the ball with the dogs vying for position and all that..

Then there is one picture that I can see the turn starting. She's facing the dogs but her eyes are shifted toward me next to her. Her eyes have gone almost black and are strangely beautiful but almost as if there's no one behind them. Then the next picture scares the living crap out of me...

She's faced toward me...

But before I go on, know that this is a very beautiful woman of thirty who is often mistaken for someone not old enough to drink. She's very photogenic and I have lots of pics of her that would get any guys attention.

In the picture, and it must have been just for a second or two, she looks like she could be 60 or 70. And her eyes are not just black, it's like they are gone. I mean like not there at all.

As in nothing but black from the eyebrows to the cheekbones. I shat you not.

The picture is not blurred. I can see the books on a ledge behind her and read their titles. She is facing toward me and behind me there is a window and its daytime. The lighting is perfect.
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