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What Will I Need To Install (pioneer Deh-x65bt) Stereo In '01 Saturn Sc2? Also..?

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What Will I Need To Install (pioneer Deh-x65bt) Stereo In '01 Saturn Sc2? Also..?

Postby Elikai » Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:48 pm

I am planning to replace the factory cassette/CD player in my Saturn with the Pioneer DEH-X65BT.

What will I need to buy to install this stereo?

According to this "What's in the box" video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl_1c9U_...

It comes with a "wiring harness".

But, will I need a wiring harness or connector specific to the Saturn, as well, to avoid having to cut wires? If so, which one do I need? (If it can be found at Walmart, that's a big plus! lol)

Then, I will need some sort of installation kit, so it will fit.. I've seen some with the little storage area underneath.. But, which one would I need, and do you know if it's sold at Walmart?

The car is a 2001 Saturn SC2, with factory cassette/CD player.

Photos of the factory stereo.....in case that helps: http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu348... http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu348...

*Speakers.. From what I have read, this car has 6 3/4" speakers in front and back. I'm thinking about replacing the front speakers. What is needed to change the speakers, will it need to be bought separately or do the speakers usually come with the wire, or whatever else may be needed?

*Another question... The model # of the one I plan to get is DEH-X65BT.. When I try to find demos and info online, all I find is info for the DEH-X6500BT. Is this the same stereo, just with the add "00" in the model number?







I know, i'm rather full of questions! lol But I know sooo little about car audio.

Thanks in advance!! =)
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What Will I Need To Install (pioneer Deh-x65bt) Stereo In '01 Saturn Sc2? Also..?

Postby Barris » Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:09 pm

The 01 SC2 has a a million.9 litre engine equipped by way of Saturn. The 02 L sequence 4 cylinder engine is a 2.2 litre Ecotec. they do no longer look to be the comparable, and are probable to be confusing to alter. there are probable a comparatively solid form of salvage yards and Ebay sellers who've precise suits on your husband's automobile, that must be the least confusing course to take.
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What Will I Need To Install (pioneer Deh-x65bt) Stereo In '01 Saturn Sc2? Also..?

Postby Basilios » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:21 am

Look at crutchfield for everthing you need. I just ordered a sony radio for an 05 saturn from them and it came with everthing i needed. sounds like you already have the radio but they have the install kit that has the storage area because your radio is an oversized, not a single or double DIN. And they will have the wiring harness that you probably could find at walmart or an auto parts store (talk to someone in the store if they dont know go to a different store (or a radioshack)). You might be able to fiind the install kit around but it is fairly car specific but again, ask someone.

Depends on where you buy your speakers from but wait on that because your new radio should improve your sound.

The model number looks the same.

EDIT: Buy your stero or a stero from crutchfield. if your stero is worth a certain amount they will give you the wiring harness, free shipping, install kit and DIRECTIONS(nice!) that are car specific
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