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What Will U Do If A Man Said This You? Will U Chase Him Or Move On? Help?

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What Will U Do If A Man Said This You? Will U Chase Him Or Move On? Help?

Postby Archibald » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:12 am

So I am 24 years old woman and I have a child. I was married for 8 years and got divorced end of november. Anyway my ex husband left me because my son who is 8 yrs old has been diagnosed with autism and speech delay. I am working for financial firm as i have bachelor in mathematics and plan to do my masters. I pay for my son private and i am doing my best to make ends meet.

Last weekend a friend invited me out and my son was with my mom few hours. So i met this guy who was very drunk and was very agressive ( a guy swore at him and he literally got into fight with him and smashed his car window with punch) and by far the most worst type of the so called bad boy but i found him very good looking - there is something very appealing about him even tho we clashed so many times and he called me a ***** and swore at me many times. I am usually good natured person and on my best behaviour...........he is 41 years old and he kissed me and we kissed few times but he wanted us to make love and when i told him i wont he just said i cant keep kissing u and i will get hard on..........anyway, that guy will tick the box of the real definition of a bad boy and i keep thinking about him since that time......not in obsessive way but i am very attracted to him...so i sent him email and he tells me he doesn't remember me at all..........it is bit strange cause we spent nearly 7 hours together talking and walking,kissing......I emailed him back saying that is ok and can we be friends.......he agreed to be friends that is it and sent nothing more..........how would u move from here? i dont want to sound desperate or silly and i also don't need drama or trouble in my life.............At the same time i still wish to date him or go out with him...........What would u do if u were me? Help

p.s. he is not married and he has no gf as he said...

p.s.s. I am good looking woman and many guys get attracted to me and many want to date me but apparently i am at stage at my life that i need to focus on my child's welfare but sadly i am very attracted to this man and even remembering how aggressive he was makes me think i am just being nuts but still i feel like i want to get to know him cos he is different than most guys i meet and that makes me think i might be just asking for trouble
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What Will U Do If A Man Said This You? Will U Chase Him Or Move On? Help?

Postby Essien » Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:13 am

Um lady, you have a child that needs you. Don't waste your time on a dummy. If you are as amazing as you say you are then go find someone better. Don't settle for trash
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What Will U Do If A Man Said This You? Will U Chase Him Or Move On? Help?

Postby Caster » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:42 pm

I would most definitely move on....He sounds like he has control and anger issues...Not the kind of relationship you want yourself or your son involved in. Move On....No wonder he is not married and has no girlfriend. His attitude sucks. Focus on Your Child, and stay away from Him. Oh Yes, he is different from Most guys, that's for sure, And that's Not in a Good Way. You are asking for trouble.
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What Will U Do If A Man Said This You? Will U Chase Him Or Move On? Help?

Postby Aswyn » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:25 am

even an "F" student in psychology can see that you need counseling.
Gentle, polite men are interested in you, but you ignore them.
A womanizing brute attacks you and others, but you're attracted to him.

Well, madam math major, what is the logical conclusion?
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