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What Is The Price Of A 3d Glass Or Googles?

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What Is The Price Of A 3d Glass Or Googles?

Postby Wallache » Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:03 pm

Actually 3D glasses are just 50% of what you need.
The picture you look at the monitor/TV has to be processed to obtain true 3D effect.

1) If you use glasses with red & blue filters/lenses, then the monitor/TV has to show mixed red & blue images (red for left eye and blue for rigth eye).
This glasses cost between US$1 when they use a cardboard frame and US$20 when they use a plastic frame.
Price will vary also with the quality of red & blue filters. There are DVD and VHS movies out there taking advantage of this and they usually include the required 3D glasses.
The problem is to find compatible games for that.
I know that Jim Power 3D game for super nintendo used this but even with other kind of filter colors (Green & Purple if I remember well).
I know that Virtual Boy emulators use this too.
But that's all I know for gaming.
This 3D method is very uncomfortable and eye straining.

2) If you use 3D glasses with shutter polarized lenses technology then the monitor/TV has to show left & right eye images in-syncro with each lens clear/black polarized state. This kind of 3D glasses will cost about US$50. Again I don't know if there are games for PC that support this and specific hardware, drivers and software should be required.
On consoles I don't think this could be technically possible and if it were then: show me the games!.

3) The real 3D experience for gaming will require to use a true 3D HMD (head mounted display - like the ones used for Virtual Reality) then your source (PC) has to send the required image to display for each eye directly to the HMD incorporated displays. The price for 3D HMDs will start from US$550 with poor VGA resolution to US$1000 and beyond for SVGA. HMDs also usually include head motion detection. Again specific hardware, software and drivers are needed.

Want to see some examples on 3D HMDs, PC hardware requirements, games and drivers that fully support 3D gaming.
Then visit this website:
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What Is The Price Of A 3d Glass Or Googles?

Postby Giovanny » Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:33 pm




or just Google it my friend
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