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What Is The Better Camcorder? Dvd, Mini Dv, Flash Or Hdd?

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What Is The Better Camcorder? Dvd, Mini Dv, Flash Or Hdd?

Postby Trenton » Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:51 pm

in order of quality,

1 mini-dv 2,flash 3, HDD, 4 (you did not mention this one) crayon and paper(lol), 5 mini-dvd

Both the new formats (as they are only a few years old) are still developing, and need time to settle down. until then I would and still do use only tapes based camcorders.

I had to edit a video for a guy, he spent two months in africa, with his 120gb camcorder, he used the lowest setting to get all the video onto his camcorder, the quality was no better then my OLD full sized VHS camcorder. after editing, and putting it onto a dvd (well three) its was no better then a vhs tape playing in long play totally ruined because of the compression.

As you are using tapes stick with them, all the better makers still have mini-dv at all price levels, there is a huge market, but the great thing is that many people are selling their mini-dv camcorders for next to nothing. got an old 3 year old XL2 for less than $400 last week. its perfect, the guy called me to ask it he could get it back because the new HDD camcorder he brought was not as good.

Many people don't know any better they have never used DV, so because its new it's best Yea right!!!

Ok we all know that dv is slow to capture, but at least you can have a cup of coffee while its doing its thing.

Just my humble opinion

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What Is The Better Camcorder? Dvd, Mini Dv, Flash Or Hdd?

Postby Tanishia » Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:22 pm

It's probably not fair to the new technology but I have all MiniDV cameras from Canon GL2 down to Panasonic.
I have never had a compatibility issue not any trouble with capture.
I see a lot of posts on here where people have all kinds of issues with the FLIP, DVD, or Hard Drive cameras.
Now it could be them and I suspect it is mostly but they aren't the cause of the format compatibility issues.
I would go try some of the new tech out.
You already know MiniDV.
I say, it it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Go HD or go higher end Mini-DV.
There are a lot of old GL2's and XL1's on eBay.
The 3CCD's have amazing clarity.
It was HD before there was HD.
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