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What Is Netbook. What Is The Diff. Between Netbook And Laptop?

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What Is Netbook. What Is The Diff. Between Netbook And Laptop?

Postby kenner » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:38 pm

Netbook has smaller screen size. Most netbooks has 10 inch screen size. Screen size is measured diagonally. Netbook has no optical drive (cd or DVD drive). So, it's lighter and more portable than laptop. I have never seen laptops without optical drive. Laptop screen size varies: 15, 14 inch. Most laptops are of 14 inch. There are also ultrabook. Its screen size is bigger than netbook and smaller than laptop. It has optical drive.

Netbook has slower processor, usually 1.60 ghz. But for net surfing and word processing and other regular tasks, speed is good. U wil not ever think it's slow. Netbooks are not recommended for serious gamers. U can get netbook with single core or dual core processor. Newer netbook Ram size is usually 2gb. If u have lots of documents or photo editing work, don't buy netbook because of its small screen size. U can install windows on netbook just like u can on laptop. It works just like on desktop and laptop. Because netbook has slower processor and no optical drive, it's cheaper and also lighter than laptop. U can buy acer netbook with good specs at 16k. I forgot the model name. I want to buy it myself. It's available at flipkart.com. But it doesn't have windows. U have to install it urself. When u buy netbook, take care that u r buying one with good battery life: 8 hours or more. Hope i haven't left any more important information.
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What Is Netbook. What Is The Diff. Between Netbook And Laptop?

Postby Gradon » Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:06 am

netbook = small, cheap, slow and not very good.

laptop = varies from cheap and naff to expensive and amazing.

A netbook is typically smaller and has cheaper components that can't handle much work or can't store much info. Typically you could use it for word processing or internet but that's about it. They really are not worth the money.

Laptops come in multiple sizes and shapes and configurations and you can spend as little or as much on them as you want. However, the really cheap ones aren't worth the money.

To be honest if you're considering a netbook you may find that a tablet like the iPad, or any of the android tablets on the market would suit you better. It'd be faster, slimmer, nicer looking, have a better screen and allow you to have music, video and games on it.
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