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What Is Causing My Cloudy Fish Tank?

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What Is Causing My Cloudy Fish Tank?

Postby Parfait » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:10 pm

For the past 2 months my fish tank keeps becoming cloudy and it appears that the water is always turning green. help?

Its a 5 gallon tank.

I have 2 goldfish, 1 zebra barb and 1 black molly.

I also have a live water lily in the tank.

I recently had one dead fish almost 2 weeks ago but none of the rest seem to be ill.

Because of the lily and not having my tank near a window to get light i've been leaving the light on 24 hours but i've had the aquarium for almost a year and haven't had this problem before, so i'm not sure if its because of the light.

I'm only a beginner in keeping an aquarium so I'm not sure what i'm doing in regards to PH but i've been doing 25% water changes about once a month and I usually have to add about a quart of water a week. I use water conditioner anytime I add or change the water.

Can anyone help?
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What Is Causing My Cloudy Fish Tank?

Postby Stratford » Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:16 pm

Here's some tips.....

1. Never trust what a person at a pet store says about fish do your own research

2. 2 Goldfish need 55 or 100 gallons

3. goldfish are cold water fish and a zebra danio and mollie are are tropical they require 2 different things

4. 5 gallons are meant for betta fish and not mollies or goldfish

Do some more research next time and make sure its your own research it would be a miracle to find someone in a pet store to give true info about fish and proper ways of housing and such =/ and dont listen to the 1 inch rule
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What Is Causing My Cloudy Fish Tank?

Postby Udell » Sat Sep 23, 2017 1:04 am

Long story short.....poor fish.. So let's see the damage done.

Goldfish stunted with crushed organs and excremeting without having their water changed enough

1 lonely black Molly stuffed into a filthy little aquarium with another equally skittish zebra barb..
The fish are nervous and erratic from having the light upon their eyes 24/7.
May have even burned their retinas.
The 1 gallon per inch rule is off, but the idiot at your hell hole of a fish store said 1 g for every fish...hate the truth if you want to bud.
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What Is Causing My Cloudy Fish Tank?

Postby Binge » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:19 pm

1. the "lady at the petstore" is an idiot

2. a 5 gallon tank is very very small and your fish are inappropriate for the tank, any competent fish person would have told you this

3. light grows the green algae, it's never appropriate to leave the light on 24 hours a day, or the tank near a window if you don't want algae/green water. (the light should only be on a few hours a day, or 8-10 hours if you have a live plant)

4. don't worry about pH, this is not important to this tank

5. do the 25% water changes weekly on such a small and overstocked tank

6. cloudiness is a result of overfeeding, overstocking, and overcleaning (when you do clean); you are probably doing all three.

so, do smaller cleanings, more often, reduce the light, think about a bigger tank, or less fish and smaller fish, and reduce the amount of food that goes in the tank by feeding carefully.

note: it's not your fault, this is typical of the advice from walmart/petsmart/pets at home/petland/petco. We encounter questions like this a hundred times a day here. They wanted to sell you the tank and fish and had very little care about the accuracy of the information they gave you.
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What Is Causing My Cloudy Fish Tank?

Postby Delavan » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:28 am

First of all, Goldfish needs a tank of 55-60 gallons of water, here yours is just (.5/10). You shouldn't be keeping goldfish in such a small tank. And also none of your existing fishes are suitable for just a 5 gallon tank. Even a normal betta needs a 10 gallon tank. So you better get a large tank if you wish to keep all the fishes with high filtration. Otherwise, your goldfish may die soon.
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What Is Causing My Cloudy Fish Tank?

Postby pierrel82 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:15 am

1 inch per fish per gallon * AT THE FISHES ADULT SIZE. So yes, a fish such as a danio this rule applies to, because the fish are tiny, and they stay tiny.

Your goldfish are babies, they can grow to be six inches+ which is LARGER than your tank lol! Here is some information on your goldfish:

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What Is Causing My Cloudy Fish Tank?

Postby Glynn » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:07 pm

From personal experience, all water turns green from air drift contamination. All greens love the warm light and the co2 the fish breath out. I would take the fish and your plants out and boil everything else, absolutely sterilize it. The green goo is probably replenishing from the bottom inclusive. Boiling water kills everything in it. I have thinking about keeping all greens in another tank and setting up a water exchange system and filter. That way oxygen from the greens to the fish and the co2 from the fish go to the greens but they live in separate tanks.
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What Is Causing My Cloudy Fish Tank?

Postby mercher » Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:15 am

The tank is overstocked. 2 goldfish need 40-100+ gallons full grown and are not compatible with either the barb or the black molly. Also you should be doing 50% daily for your tank as goldfish are very messy, large growing fish. 25% weekly should be done for a cycled, properly stocked tank. 25% once a month is too few.

I'd either rehome all of them as none of them should be kept in a 5 gallon tank and get a betta or rehome either the goldfish or the barb and molly and get a larger tank for them.


The gallon per inch/ one inch per fish rule doesn't work.There is no magic stocking rule for all fish. Using that "rule" will only cause trouble. Overstocked tank, poor water quality, sick/ dead dying fish, etc. Goldfish get 6-16+ inches long. A fish that size won't fit in a gallon. One top of that they are also very messy.

People at pet stores know very little about the fish they sell. I highly recommend you do your own research on the fish you buy or go to a reputable fish seller (not petsmart, petco, petsathome, etc. .
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