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What Are Some Ideas For Heating My Room This Winter.?

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What Are Some Ideas For Heating My Room This Winter.?

Postby Pacorro » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:15 pm

the house i live in is a little small so i converted half of my garage into my bedroom. the only problem is the walls to outside are only plywood and nothing else. i dont want to buy insulation and more plywood to fix it so does anybody have any ideas on a cost-effective way to help keep the heat in the room and not outside? btw i dont have any windows but it is already getting to about 20 degrees at night and its really freaking cold in here!

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What Are Some Ideas For Heating My Room This Winter.?

Postby Colemann » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:44 am

Jonny - Of course farenheit lol. looking at prices of insulation and the plywood to do it it was super expensive. way beyond my budget anyways. and also, im moving out next spring so i dont want to put a bunch of money into fixing it and then leave. so i was just hoping someone had an idea of how to help it without spending tons of money
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What Are Some Ideas For Heating My Room This Winter.?

Postby AngelinaJolie » Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:14 am

- Tin foil behind the radiators (if you have them)

This works by reflecting heat back into the room rather than letting it escape through the walls. You can pick up some specially designed radiator foil from different retailers. Some people also have a shiny foil under there floor boards, again to raditate the heat into the room, applying carpet instead of floor boards/tiles will also keep the room warmer.

- Curtains (if there are windows)

You can get special thermal curtain lining which can reduce heat loss by as much as 25% Alternatively, you could easily make your own.

- Draught excluders

Cold air comes in under the doors and through the letter box, floorboards, cat flaps, and window frame cracks. You can find out where the draughts are in your house by lighting a candle and placing it near your windows and doors. If the candle flame starts to dance around like crazy then you know you?ve got a draught! I know lots of people that have a long, thin 'pillow' that lays on the floor below doors to block the cold air. As for the window cracks you could try filling them with something.

- Warm blankets!

Have them on your bed, a good quality duvey or fluffy blanket. I have seen furry matress covers too!
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What Are Some Ideas For Heating My Room This Winter.?

Postby Roderick » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:12 am

you can use foil backed plaster board or something with foil on even cooking foil

nothing is cheap now days
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What Are Some Ideas For Heating My Room This Winter.?

Postby Payatt » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:11 am

First off, with no windows and no ventilation it would not be safe to run any kind of gas or propane heater.
You could run an electric space heater.
The suggestion of an electric bed warmer is a good one -- get the mattress pad type.
I kick my thermostat back to 50 degrees overnight to save gas costs and the electric mattress pad plus a nice down comforter and flannel sheets keeps me cozy.

You can keep some heat in the room by covering the walls with Visqueen (heavyweight plastic sheeting that you buy at building supply stores.) It comes in rolls 10' wide by 25' to 100' long and you can attach it to the plywood walls inside with a staple gun.
It will keep wind out and help seal in moist air and warmth.
Putting that up and then attaching styrofoam sheets over it would be better, but that depends on your budget.
I agree that you need to seal drafts around the garage door.
An easy way to do that is buy a roll (also at the builder's supply store) of the silver quilted doublesided insulating material.
Nail or staple strips of it across the door, starting at the bottom where you want the stuff to graze the floor to block drafts from under the door, and overlap the sides a couple of inches to block air from around the sides of the door.
Use duct tape or the silver metal wide tape to tape together the strips of silver quilt (I think it is only 24" wide).
I've used that to insulate drafty basement doors.

You can also buy one of those canopy type metal bed frames (they are cheap -- I have seen them for under $100 at discount furniture stores) and drape thick fabric curtains around the bed on the frame all around.
Having a canopy over your bed helps reduce body radiant heat loss when you are sleeping.
That's what they did to cut down drafts and keep warm in old castles and palaces before central heating was available. You'll notice in old palaces how all the beds have canopies and drapes around them for that reason.
I have a canopy bed too, and have noticed that having the top on it and curtains on the sides keeps me warmer in winter.
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What Are Some Ideas For Heating My Room This Winter.?

Postby Mick » Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:08 pm

For sleeping go with a electric blanket with a heavy blanket/comforter on top.
Turn in on high to warm up the bend then on low overnight.
If spending time there, rugs on the concrete are a must.
Anything that you can get on the walls would help.
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What Are Some Ideas For Heating My Room This Winter.?

Postby Goreu » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:22 am

Can't you just insulate the windows so they are air tight? To situation black paper on them would seem rather cold and dreary. I'd go with mild color blinds and quite good insulation on them. Let the sun in, don't block it out. Invest in a really comfortable down comforter to hold you warm. Contemporary air is far better than gassy fumes from even a heater.
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What Are Some Ideas For Heating My Room This Winter.?

Postby Rayner » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:55 pm

I'm Hoping you mean 20F!

Why don't you want to buy insulation? It certainly makes a huge amount of sense to.

You could try laying rugs/carpet, which keep heat in and feel nice which help the feeling of warmness and adding 'warm' colours to create the illusion of heat.

Like the other guy said, electric blankets (or even regular blankets) would work well. You could also get one of those portable radiators and stick it in the room.
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