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I Want To Become A Pc Gamer, But Know Nothing About Them.?

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I Want To Become A Pc Gamer, But Know Nothing About Them.?

Postby Riku » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:48 pm

So these days, I'm a bit older (20), and require a bit more from my games. I want to retire my xbox 360, quit paying that subsciption fee and get rid of all that and buy a gaming desktop. My coworker knows how to put them togeather from peices and told me I should buy them peice by peice from newegg or amazon or something.

Yet I know NOTHING about what I need for them. For instance, I was told to start by buying the best motherboard I could buy, but then I have to make sure its compatable with graphics card and sound card and all that. I have no idea how to check this, and what about SLI vs Crossfire? Nvidia vs AMD vs ATI? or are AMD and ATI the same? See.. I've done a bit of reasearch but it confuses me more.

My budget is around 1000, at most 1200. But theres a huge checklist of components that I dont get, and would appreciate any help or advice you could give.

Looking to play Battlefield 3 and the upcomming Planetside 2 (also minecraft) :D

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I Want To Become A Pc Gamer, But Know Nothing About Them.?

Postby Che » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:00 am

The motherboard has very little impact on performance, its mostly about features from that component that matter, if you buy the most expensive mobo you can get, you end up with a lot of features you never use.

All you need is seven components, mobo, CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD, Case, PSU, Optical drive....thats a computer.

With a budget of 1000-1200 you can set up a nice one, that will give you at least 3 years of good gaming, a couple of upgrades later and it will last 5.

Anyway what you need to decide on is Intel or AMD, Nvidia or AMD, ATI was bought by AMD a few years back still make great cards though.

You want to stay at a price point that gives you the most bang for your buck, dont buy the best of anything because after a certain level the gains in performance vs price drops dramatically and its just not worth it unless you want to have the best and show it off.

I recommend a newer AMD CPU, they are cheap but decent.

your most expensive component will be video, go for a 570, or 670 or a 7850 or a 7870. These are good gaming cards.

Decent mobo, 150$ is a good level to stay at, it usually gives you SATA 6 gigs and USB 3.0 amongst other features.

You could go with intel if you want they are the fastest but most expensive in the CPU market.
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