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Using A Flash Off Camera?

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Using A Flash Off Camera?

Postby Moren » Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:36 pm

I have a Nikon D50. I am wanting to get a Nikon SB-700 as I have been told this would work well for me.

How do I use this flash ON camera? How do I take off the built in flash and put on the hot-shoe?

And, how do I use this flash OFF camera? Do I need to buy more equipment? What are my options and how much is it going to cost me? I'm a student, I only have about $500 to my name right now so I can't really afford anything really expensive. Just the flash itself will cost me just under 300..
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Using A Flash Off Camera?

Postby Kerry » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:38 am

I believe fhotoace is mostly right for once except that you can sync the shutter at any speed. That is a VERY desirable thing Blue is right about that.

Let me translate some of this.

The way I understand it is that the on camera flash of D50 cannot be used as a "master" flash unit and trigger the SB700 in a wireless fashion because it does not have the circuitry to communicate with the flash. Cameras such as the D90 and up can act as "master" flash units.

So you can trigger it if it is connected to your hotshoe. It can be sent signals from the cameras and automatically choose the flash power based on the exposure meter recommendations.

This will not work if the flash is used off camera.

That is why fhotoace is saying that you could have that functionality when you upgrade cameras. Newer cameras support those capabilities.

That is what fhotoace is saying essentially.

The SB700 itself can be used as a commander flash to trigger other flash units though.*

Even though you cannot trigger the SB700 with the on camera flash wirelessly you can trigger it if the on camera flash fires and the sensor on the SB700 is in the "line of sight." The on camera flash will fire, the light will hit the SB700 flash sensor and the flash will fire using any manual settings you have chosen.

That severely limits your options in regards to where you can place it and still have it fire if working outdoors. Indoors light can bounce off the walls and trigger it.

You could remotely trigger the flash using using radio signals via 2 pocket wizzards X's. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/92...

The other problem is that you would need a way to connect the PC sync cord to the flash unit and connect the second pocket wizard.

You could get a Nisha Hot Shoe/Tripod Mount so the flash has a PC sync port to Connect the pocket wizard. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/76...

Then, when pressing the shutter button you could have your flash anywhere up to 1000 feet at least and trigger it remotely. No limitations and it is a system you can grow into. It might be a few bucks outside your desired range but I for one think its worth it.

I don't have any knowledge or experience of or with Yongnuo products but that RF602 Wireless Remote does not have the D50 listed as compatible even though it might work.

I could be wrong about everything I just said.

I am pretty sure that I am right though.

Edit: I recall trying something similar to this in lighting class with an archaic camera but the hotshoe connected to the Pocket Wizard and flash refused to trigger the flash.

Not sure if my solution will work. Other photographers claim it does but I cannot personally verify that. Didn't work when I tried it but we were using Canon equipment. Doubt that had anything to do with it though.
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Using A Flash Off Camera?

Postby Audley » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:56 pm

Actually your D50 with a hybrid shutter will sync at any speed (I know, I have one).

If you get an SB-700 you will be spending out a fair amount of cash for a flash that is very versatile - can do manual flash or TTL (auto) flash.

You place it on top of the hotshoe & keep the pop-up flash pushed down (you don't remove it!).
Off camera, you can fire it using the pop-up flash on your camera & have the SB-700 in 'slave' mode.
With the SB-700 in slave mode - it will fire when it 'sees' another flash go off.
It's ok in fairly small spaces, but outdoors it can be a bit iffy, especially in bright sunny weather.

Let me give you a much cheaper alternative;

- a YN560 manual flash - costs around £40 (ie about 1/8th the price of an SB-700)

- RF602 radio triggers - about £20 a set

The disadvantage of manual flash is that you have to set the flash output on the back - but once it's set - your output is consistent (unlike with TTL flash, where it can be a bit unreliable).
The radio triggers are also more reliable than an optical (slave) triggered system.

I use both Nikon speedlights & the YN560's - and find them both equally reliable & solidly built.
I fire both of them with the RF602 triggers.
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