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Usb Ports Not Detecting Any Devices?

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Usb Ports Not Detecting Any Devices?

Postby Garwin » Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:27 pm

My usb ports on my laptop are not detecting any devices that i plug in anymore. The power lights for the devices i plug in do not go on when they are plugged in to my laptop but when i plug them into other computers they work fine. I tried re installing the drivers and adjusting the power options in the power management but nothing has worked, Please help!
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Usb Ports Not Detecting Any Devices?

Postby Corben » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:04 am

Hi Hamza,

I would suggest you to follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below which may resolve the issue:

1.Check the USB port for damage or damage to the plastics near the USB port.

2.If there is no damage to the USB port or plastics run the Add Hardware wizard.

3.If you are using Windows Vista, follow the steps:

a. Click Start > click Control Panel.

b. Click Classic View > double-click Add Hardware > click Next.

c. Click Next. Windows searches for any new devices.

d. If you receive a message stating "The wizard did not find any new hardware on your computer", click Cancel.

e. If the hardware is detected, let Windows install the native driver for it (if applicable).

4. Also check a good known USB device on a different computer. If it works fine on a different computer:

*Restore Setup (BIOS) Defaults.

*Download and Install the Latest Chipset Driver.

*Restart the system and check.

If the issue still persists, run the hardware diagnostics to check for any issues with the USB ports.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards

Priyanka S
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Usb Ports Not Detecting Any Devices?

Postby Warton » Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:05 pm

If you have a problem with the USB port(s) of your computer, here are some guidelines that may help you:

Hardware issues

Problem related to the connected device:

Check that the connected hardware runs on another computer.

Test other equipment on the same USB port

Problem related to USB ports, motherboard, cables:

One or more USB ports may stop workin due to a failure of the motherboard (after a power surge...).

There may be a wiring problem between the port(s) and the motherboard (faulty or disconnected cable)

Try the other USB ports one by one to check if they are properly connected to the motherboard or enabled in the BIOS.

If either the front or rear connectors are working, it is probably due to a fault in the connection between the USB ports and motherboard (check the extension cables).

Driver and software issues

Check in the device manager that there is no yellow exclamation mark, which means a driver issue, next to the USB ports (re-install the drivers if necessary).

Uninstalling and reinstalling the USB driver may fix the problem (be careful if you disable the USB ports make sure that you have a PS2 mouse and keyboard to operate your PC).

Windows often installs a generic USB controller suitable for most computers, but some motherboards have USB ports that work best with a specific controller.

Update the USB drivers by looking on the manufacturer of the motherboard website or else by opening Device Manager and then right click on the extended host controller and select "Update Driver"

Some infections can cause problems with USB ports: scan your PC using and online antivirus..etc

Restore your computer to an earlier point in time, repairing or reinstalling Windows can address this problem,

Check if the ports are enable in the BIOS
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Usb Ports Not Detecting Any Devices?

Postby Thorndike » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:02 am

on an identical time as there could be varied opportunities the 1st difficulty to do is do away with the opportunities via experimentation. on an identical time as this sounds complicated its extremely hardship-free. connect a USB keyboard and mouse to ascertain if its a issue with all USB instruments. I they paintings in all ports then you definately are conscious of it particularly is not a issue with the port itself yet gadget drivers no longer being load. If it won't be able to come across the USB instruments i might use a stay CD version of domicile windows which runs in memory. this might enable us to ascertain if the project is application correct or hardware. If it would not paintings nevertheless i might say that the USB ports are lifeless. p. s. their nevertheless greater steps which you're able to do even even though it does no longer be economically achievable to proceed those assessments.
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