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Is It Time To Switch To Outlook ,bing,wordpress?

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Is It Time To Switch To Outlook ,bing,wordpress?

Postby Cadman » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:37 am

I think Facebook, and Google + are waste of time . Google Ruined Yahoo Answer "How ?- Well your answers aren't private anymore , don't even think to use your real name and write about your crazy Ideas .Google is Forcing People to use G+ and share their everything and what is Facebook - sharing Pictures , and videos that doesn't even matter in real life.

Do you think it is time to Switch
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Is It Time To Switch To Outlook ,bing,wordpress?

Postby Elishua » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:49 pm

There's no one at Google or Facebook sitting there thinking what a great person you are for using their website, so there's no reason to be loyal to them either if you aren't happy with their site or their policies or ethics etc. I don't use Facebook or Google+ but I do use other Google services because I think they are very useful as long as you make decisions that suit your personal tolerance for public disclosure (e.g. you don't actually have to join Google+ although they do nag you to), and because I'm used it I think I would find it inconvenient to get into the habit of using alternative services (but I'm glad they are available). I think privacy is becoming ever more of a concern on the web and you are right to give it consideration. Since everyone uses the web for different things I would just advise you to use your judgement about which services to use.
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