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Thunder Bird Deleted Emails When Creating Folders?

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Thunder Bird Deleted Emails When Creating Folders?

Postby Rian » Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:09 am

Creating a folder in Thunderbird should not delete emails. There is something else going on. Either you clicked an option you didn't mean to or you have some other feature enabled.

Double-check your settings and most importantly, review exactly step-by-step what you did in creating the folder process.

Most likely the emails were moved, you hid an original folder, emails were archived due to a setting, you are looking in the wrong folder, or you modified a root folder that is required to be left alone for certain email servers or things go a bit nuts when you send/receive next time.

Have you highlighted the top level folder (above the inbox) and used the search box on the top right of the window?

Are you leaving emails on the server or did you set up Thunderbird to go back and Delete them after retrieving? If you are not deleting them, you can go to your web mail and retrieve that way.
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