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Hi, Ok This Is On Paranormal Things,?

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Hi, Ok This Is On Paranormal Things,?

Postby Cappi » Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:18 pm

my firends had to move from there home, and got into a duplex, looks like as old house at one time, they are in an older neighbor hood, some friends of theirs came to visit and the older kid says he wont go back to play with the kids, the house freaked him out, he said, what can we do to help this family get rid of the heavy vibes , and make the place feel all happy and cozy ? Thanks so much ! We know about sage burning, and they have done that , thanks so much for any help !
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Hi, Ok This Is On Paranormal Things,?

Postby Abban » Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:44 am

That kind of reminds me of the first time I came to the house I live in now (and have lived in for the past 5 and a half years). In the beginning the entire house scared me to death. I would literally run up or down the stairs, terrified. I always had this feeling like someone was standing right behind me holding a dagger or something. After about three years, I got used to the house being creepy. So now I can walk downstairs at night with all the lights turned off, thinking about slenderman, the rake or any other horror stories and not be scared. The only place that still scares me (and other people, too) is my room. Yep, my room. Even though I have gotten used to being around ghosts and in a creepy house all the time, it still scares me. Not all the time though. Only sometimes. My room happens to be the coldest room (during winter) and the hottest room (during summer). There's always a slight (very slight) breeze in here at night. But yeah, the only time my room scares me now is when I sense the presence of a ghost (which happens quite frequently).

Well, you could try to sprinkle sea salt along all entrances to the house (windows and doors). If anything is in there when you finish, it will be trapped, so try to do it when there are no ghosts around.

Another thing you can do is get someone you know that can see ghosts (little kids up to their 8th year have a higher chance of having the ability to see them more than other people). Then get the person to tell you where the ghost is, and then politely ask the ghost to leave. Either that, or you can just not get someone with the ability to see them, and walk through the whole house asking it/them to leave. Ask it/them politely, but with a clear voice (make sure not to show any signs of fear).
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Hi, Ok This Is On Paranormal Things,?

Postby Farnlea » Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:56 am

Let the family be closer to their religion. Fom every paranormal things I know about religions helps.
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Hi, Ok This Is On Paranormal Things,?

Postby Asher » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:04 am

We make a house blessing incense at my store. It's only a few dollars and you can order it online.
You can burn it, but what I like to do it put it in a bucket of water and wipe down all the window sills, door frames, and bare floors in the house ;) http://www.dragonmarsh.com/mm5/merchant....
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