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The Difference Betwee Led And Lcd?

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The Difference Betwee Led And Lcd?

Postby Derrie » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:15 am

Buy the LED type. Here is the "scoop" on the difference...

All LCD sets need some form of illumination behind the screen. This is how LCD screen work, and your computer display (if it is a flat panel of laptop) is the same way. LCD sets have used a lamp system similar to fluorescent lighting in the past, and the result was washed out color, poor contrast and uneven illumination when first turned on.

Now that white color LED's have really improved, they are now being used on most LCD sets, and the result is crisper and more vivid color, better real-world contrast and more even illumination. The days of older cold cathode lighting is very numbered - but they are still in use on the cheapest low end sets for now. Thus we still see the LED designation to let the consumer differentiate between the newer and older technology.

So they really aren't a lot different - but there is no reason to buy an "LCD" set at this point unless you are at the $129 point for a small set and that is all there is. At the $200 price point for 32" sets, you still see some older LCD sets still around - but they will be gone soon as LED takes over.
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The Difference Betwee Led And Lcd?

Postby weardhyll » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:02 pm

On LED the colors are more vibrant and pop out more while the LCD are more natural colors. LCD screens give you the actual color of the object your looking at if that makes any sense.
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