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Simple Touch Nook & SD Card?

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Simple Touch Nook & SD Card?

Postby pierre » Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:34 am

Hello, I want to clarify with those who own a Barnes and Noble Simple Touch. It says that the storage for non B&N books are by default approx. 250 mb.

So if that is the case, if I were to put in the ebook reader a SD card (say, another 2GB), would this increase the number of non B&N books that the eReader can store by another 2 GB? I have a lot of PDF file/books, and I'm not intending to buy B&N books since I don't live in US and I don't intend to spend on ebooks.

I'm asking this because I'm JUST that close to buying. Oh, and also, are you able to arrange the books?
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Simple Touch Nook & SD Card?

Postby skyelar » Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:37 am

Yes your sd card will increase it directly by how big your sd card is, so if you add a 16 gig card you will have that much more space for all your files. Now one note, simple touch is not the greatest for reading pdf files. While it is better than the kindles at reading them there is still a lot lacking when it comes to zooming in and out of pdf files on the nook simple touch. I would recommend the fire or nook color or tablet for pdf files.

You can definitely arrange your books. There is even a feature called shelves on the nook that you can add any book you want to your shelf and then just go to that shelf to pick from those books. For example I have a shelf that is for action/drama books and I only add those type of books to that shelf, another is for autobiographies. It's really up to you how you want to move your books around. On the nook color or tablet you can even place books directly on the screen that your reading and just open them up from there.
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