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Should I Sell My Stuff To Pay The Bills?

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Should I Sell My Stuff To Pay The Bills?

Postby Denison » Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:26 am

I'm newly unemployed and currently facing difficulties paying my bills. I have an overdue bill of $60 for my phone bill for month of July. It has been suspended for more than 3 days and I'm desperately in need of cash.

I have an Ipod Touch (my most valuable possession as it was given by my friend) that I can sell for more than $100 and a netbook that I occasionally use for more than $300.

I have a desktop at home that I can use to look for jobs and I still have internet bills to pay monthly.

My boyfriend willing to pay my phone bill next month when his salary comes in and he insist on not selling any of my stuff by then. We've been using Whatsapp and Tango to communicate everyday through the wifi with my iPod

I feel conflicted whether to still sell my iPod and pay my bills so I could call my friends, my bf and family again or just wait a month more till I finally can activate my phone account again to freely communicate in or outside my home without hassle.

advise pls!
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Should I Sell My Stuff To Pay The Bills?

Postby Patricio » Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:19 am

a prity girl. all you should do is looking for a job, not sell your stuff...................or you will be poor in the future.............earn money is more important to save money.
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Should I Sell My Stuff To Pay The Bills?

Postby Everleigh » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:01 am

people who become unemployed usually sell what stuff they have thinking they would on the spur of the moment get immediate money but their stuff is old, out of style, broken, etc. and it's valuable to them so they think other people would pay for their emotions.....wrong...they won't.
What you should do is be out looking for work, applying everywhere, rather than fussing about your electronics.
If you get the job you get to keep the connection (you can't depend on your bf forever, plus he would want payment back) and if you don't get the job you lose it all so get out there and apply.
In the meantime keep your stuff.
Don't be wasting your time looking for online work.
Start with the temp or temp-to-perm agencies and get there first thing in the morning so they have time to test you.
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