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Should I Get A Macbook Air Or Pro?

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Should I Get A Macbook Air Or Pro?

Postby Chayyim » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:17 pm

I kind of want to dive into the Mac experience, but I'm not sure what to get.

The Pro seems much more future proof but the base line is $1699 compared to about $1299 with the upgraded ram for the Air. Its going to be a second computer because I have a pretty powerful desktop PC for video editing and gaming, so I just need it for on the go tasks.

I'm just afraid of sinking $1299 into something that just won't keep up down the line. So could I get by with just the Air? Also if I get the air, should I get the 128 GB or the 256 GB version? It will need to have room for MS office, iTunes library (about 10 GB), and possibly a few other programs like Chrome, ect. Also is the 8 GB upgrade for the RAM a good investment?

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