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Should I Go For The 16gb Ipad?

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Should I Go For The 16gb Ipad?

Postby geffrey29 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:24 pm

Well, I have been saving up for an iPad 2 for ages and I have £350... so I just need another £50 to get the 16 gb iPad 2. I am so desperate to get an ipad because I share a home computer with three little siblings... the oldest being a 12 yr old boy who spends hours playing on the home computer. SO, I never get on it. And it sucks.

I can't get one for X-Mass. It's not the money, but my parents just won't get me one without getting all my siblings one and 'that would be too expensive'... Obviously! That is so unfair, because the youngest is 6! I mean, I get no privilages.

I can raise the money for a 16 gb in a couple of months but for the 32 gb... it would take me ages...

Here's what I'd need the iPad 2 for

No music (I have my iPod nano)

No podcasts

Maybe about 10 pics

No videos or movies

About 3 Documents to Go per week... each 1 page long...probably essays

A few very low storage apps. I'm happy with swapping them or either not having many

SO, will an iPad 2 16 gb WiFi do me fine for at least a year? I would use no 3G.

Can you lock an iPad?

Please don't say 'get a laptop'. I know iPad controls are a bit less intuitive but I can't get anything else than an iPad, including a netbook or a Blackberry Playbook'

ALso, don't say 'spend that little bit extra for a 32 gb, for more space for apps'... because it's a big difference for a non-adult like me!


Please let me know!
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Should I Go For The 16gb Ipad?

Postby Tolland » Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:44 pm

relies upon how lots issues like processor potential, show screen high quality is an argument for you. The ipad mini has a decrease show screen high quality and much less efficient processor yet is greater compact and greater decrease priced.
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Should I Go For The 16gb Ipad?

Postby Rorey » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:36 pm

yes i think so and it is a good deal...
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