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Should I Be An Accountant Or Computer Systems Analyst?

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Should I Be An Accountant Or Computer Systems Analyst?

Postby Honorato » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:43 pm

Should I become an accountant or computer systems analyst? I ask this because I've narrowed down my degree choices to accounting and computer science. I am not sure which career to choose. [I chose computer systems analyst regarding a computer science degree because it pays well, is in demand, and blends business with information technology.]. Although computer science seems rather attractive, I believe that the difficulty of the mathematics and programming aspects of the degree would end up damaging my GPA and thus ruining my chances of getting a job. I am good at math, but I am not the best and brightest at it. The subjects in which I do well in are history [social science], math, English, and Spanish. An accountant's salary is lower than a computer systems analyst's, so that bothers me when considering accounting. How are the job opportunities? I know both careers still have good job growth, but which one is better? On a side - note, I came across this while researching the job outlook for both of these careers:

"Have you ever noticed that the demand/supply developement for most professions seems to be cyclic?

When the media reports a current shortage of a certain profession, a lot of students will choose to prepare for that profession so that by the time you're done, there will be an overabundance."

Which of the two allows for more career or salary advancement? Which of the two is more stable? I ask these questions because I am worried that if I select the wrong one, I might end up regretting it, as the other choice could have led to better prospects [salary, location, stability, etc.].

Also, when thinking about accounting, I find it to be a pretty attractive career as well, however underrated. I don't want to be known as "Jim from Accounting" [even though my name isn't Jim, but that's not the point.]. Being known with that type of title would seem unfulfilling.

I am still in high school, but I'd like to have some peace of mind.

Note: sorry if I rambled on and on, as I tend to do that with topics I am concerned with...

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Should I Be An Accountant Or Computer Systems Analyst?

Postby Barnabus » Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:18 am

haha very entertaining question i would say go computer analyst because the bureau of labor statistics averaged them at $82,000 a year also my friend is a computer analyst and she only comes in work mon, wed, fri for about one hour each time and has alot of free time and money~! while my friend who is an accountant is working monday through friday his personality is a boring guy nerd type even though they both enjoy their lives i see my accountant friend never have time and my computer systems analyst friend always has time the newest phone the coolest computer new shoes and every time i see my accountant friend who always wears boring business stuff and is always looking for more work because he's not making enough and my computer systems analyst friend is always posting on her facebook the new club she checked out and cool pictures from her travels this last weekend so with all this stuff being said i think you should choose based on me watching my two friends differences in lifestyle
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Should I Be An Accountant Or Computer Systems Analyst?

Postby Radbert » Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:06 pm

My Accountant Friend
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Should I Be An Accountant Or Computer Systems Analyst?

Postby Gwalchmei » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:07 pm

Oftentimes for precise positions a safety clearance is required to work at particular organization as a laptop programmer or laptop procedure analyst. I might estimate maybe 1 to four out of each one hundred positions, so no not very many require a clearance. However roughly 20% of the firms will ask when you've got a police record or will ask a question: have you ever ever been convicted of a felony? Have you ever been convicted or prosecuted for a criminal offense? In case your record has been expunged study what that implies. That's distinct than a sealed report. An expunged file means it's as when you have under no circumstances ever done the act and were under no circumstances concerned in being prosecuted or convicted - examine out this targeted repute and don't forget your standing. If your document has been expunged then see whether it is ok so that you can reply that you've under no circumstances convicted a criminal on the grounds that the record on the subject has been expunged. If your do still need to reveal the fact of the event, keep in intellect also that some businesses that do ask a few criminal history ask for simplest about probably the most contemporary 5 years. Maintain away from drawback and follow at just right correct smaller or mid-measurement corporations where you will use and toughen your programming potential and ask some of your tuition instructors for support to get that first excellent job at a good organization.
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