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Setting default email in Windows 7?

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Setting default email in Windows 7?

Postby slavin15 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:47 pm

How do I set defaul email (yahoo) in windows 7? Every procedure from the internet I follow doesn't work. Getting frustrated!
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Setting default email in Windows 7?

Postby rodwell » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:51 pm

It depends on the browser you use, but it worked simply for me with Firefox!

1. First, open your Yahoo Mail account and then go through the following steps.
In Windows 7, click Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Program Access\Custom >click the Choose a default e-mail program radio dial for 'Use my current e-mail program, then click OK at the bottom ...

2. OR possibly this method, but it adds another program. If you use a Web-based e-mail client like Gmail or Yahoo, you've probably encountered this hassle before: you click a 'mailto' link on a Web page, then watch while Windows tries to open Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or some other desktop program you don't use and haven't configured. Error messages (and possibly cursing) ensue.
There are various hoops you can jump through to configure Windows and/or your browser to direct these e-mail links to the proper destination (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail), but why bother? Using this program, there are no extra tool bars, no struggling with many settings for different browsers.
Gmail Default Maker http://gmaildefault.codeplex.com/ is a small, simple utility that does the hoop-jumping for you. (The program really needs a name change!) Just run the free program, then choose the default mail service you want: AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo. It is that easy. Now, whenever you click a 'mailto' link, you'll land in the proper Web client, not an unwanted desktop program.

3. In Internet Explorer only:
1. Download and install Yahoo! Messenger or Toobar.
2. Select Tools | Internet Options... from the menu in Internet Explorer.
3. Go to the Programs tab.
4. Make sure Yahoo! Mail is selected under E-mail.
5. Click OK.

If you don't have Yahoo! Toolbar v.7.2 or newer for Internet Explorer installed, you need to download it first, at http://toolbar.yahoo.com/ie. When you install it, make sure you select the 'Install the Yahoo! Mail Plug-in, and make Yahoo! Mail my default Mail provider' checkbox.
Then, Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs > E-mail > Yahoo! Mail > OK

In Firefox browser,
1. Go to Tools -> Options.
2. Click on Applications tab icon.
3. Locate and click to highlight mailto Content Type, and at the corresponding drop down box of Action, select Use Yahoo! Mail.
4. Click OK.

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