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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby Cliftun » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:31 am

Yes,there have been several in my life.

My father was rather a clown, fast witted and handsome.

He became a real life gigolo when he was 42 years old. Not really young to start doing that but he was funny, good looking and smart enough to know his "ladies."

He brought a few of his lady friends over to visit at my mom's house even though she was re married. Don't know how my mom and step- dad put up with it but it was entertaining to say the least.

My sister was a wild sort, super trendy,funny and good looking, was a model for awhile but didn't take her looks seriously and used them more to gain entry to parties then to have people admire her. Sort of like a Lucille Ball sort of character, good looking but so funny that that is what people remembered, the party never started until she showed up.

My mother had a girlfriend who we think was at one time one of my fathers' "lady" friends, strange situation, they women was married, 10 years older then my parents , no children just her husband and 2 dogs.

My father was living in a room in the S.Calif. home for a couple of years, rent free of all things. He was like their gigolo friend. He almost never had a paying job, people just liked him around so they paid his way, women bought him cars, clothing.

He lived in homes in Bel Air, Calif. rent free with wealthy people until he was in his late 50's.

Then he married a women who worshipped him so much, he stayed home while she went off to work!

back to my mom's old GF and her husband.

The women, so the story goes was a school drop-out, only had a 4th grade education during the 1930's. Had to help her father make moonshine in the mountains of Kentucky, watch for police cars and other bootleggers.

When she was older she was a very good looking women, some man kidnapped her and made her into his "sex slave" had her held up in a hotel room for weeks.

She finally jumped out of the 2nd story window to escape, breaking both of her legs.

She was one of those older women who were real characters, had bright red hair, Gaudy pieces of jewlery on, heavy perfume and spoiled her dogs.

My father said she would give her husband hambuger meat and feed her dogs prime cuts of steak.

She had a full on funeral for her dogs, complete with priest and custom made coffins.

Sort of wacky but had a big heart.

I worked closely with the public most of my working life and most people are very interesting once they let their guard down and start talking.
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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby Jorim » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:46 am

You vet, my brother that lives in Montana, there was not a day that went by, that he did not pull a prank on someone.

He continued to do this all the time he was in the Army...and it came back to bite him in the other end.

The guys in his outfit, he was always pulling stuff on them, they could not outdo him for anything.

So, they paid him back in spades but good.

His commander helped them to do this one.

They told Carl, we need to move these things out of the staffing headquarters, the bed and all....

So, he did, he moved all the clothes, everything, but he could not move the bed in there, so he called and got a truck and 2 of the guys that came with the truck helped, him, they did not know a thing about the joke being pulled.

His outfit had no ideal he would take it so personal and move everything out on his own, they figured just the immediate little items.

Well, when it came evening time and chow was done and they were in the Officers Club, he was sitting there having a nice quiet drink, then this burly looking Captain came in, slammed down his hat, said where are my things, I cannot find my things, did they ship me out and not tell me a dam---thing.

He was mad....Carl stood up, said Sir, which bed are you referring to, he said my private bed, my own mattress and all, it is mine, it is mine, who is the funny guy now sleeping on my good bed.

Carl sat back down, he said he looked at all his pals and just at that time, the Commander came in, he told the Captain to calm down, what was going on, then he told him the story all over again and again.

The Commander per Carl said, I seem to have seen a young officer moving things into his quarters late the evening, and I do believe this would be considered Theft.

How about we take a look at his quarters, the Captain said, yes, let's do that right now.

So, everyone got up, and starting leaving slowly, and then they were all gone, they followed Carl to his quarters, and when they opened the door, there was nothing, all of Carl's things as well was gone, the room was empty....He said he was going over and over in his mind, I did not put anything in here, I put it in the storage room, where they said the Captain wanted it.

He said to himself, something is not right here, he left out, but too late, the Commander and Captain came in, the Commander said to him, Soldier what is going on, with a very puzzled look on his face.

Then, and man this was a riot, he said sir, I seem to have seem things being moved into your house as well as I stored the things I was told to store.

All his outfit was around and not coming forward to help him out, the Commander said to him, what do you mean, my house.

Well, guess what folks, Carl was told what was gonna happen by the Company Clerk, (Jerk) per Carl, he told on everyone and was always causing problems, but this time he actually saved Carl's rear end.

Carl had taken all of the Captains things to the Commanders house, put them in them in his backyard and back porch.

They all went to his house, and low and behold there in the yard was all of the Captains things, but not known to anyone but Carl and the Captain, Carl went to his Captain and told him of the prank, so he was in on it, and even helped Carl move the bed to the backyard.

Everyone admitted during his entire tour in Seattle, no one could ever out prank my brother, and as kids, he was the same way.

And to this day, beware, he can get ya, and you will not even suspect it at all, till you are got.

He even got a Goofy Award from his unit.....

Then in VietNam, he continued the pranks, but not on a full scale of right out and wrong.

One night, while sitting in the bunker at Da Nang, they had had a round of fire on them, which was a daily thing for this base.

One guy came into the bunker, and said Carl very funny, do not try to pull the ole Grenade in the bunker junk with us, Carl ran and threw it out fo the bunker and it did not even hit the ground before it went off, he was furious, told the guy, I did not do that, and next time, just get rid of it, or run, do not stand around and try to play coy and think it is a prank.

After that day, the pranks on the base really let up,,,even Carl stopped nearly all the pranks, he was afraid someone would get killed thinking it was a prank, by anyone, not just him.

Yes, he is a /World Class Character, love him to death, and he can out prank anyone.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.....Do not prank anyone on Turkey day, like the turkey ran away, he is hiding in the oven, LOL
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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby Janos » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:23 pm

Believe it or not,it was me!

I used to be a bundle of fun,and mischief.

My mother's younger brother is the same.

My mother's side of the family were twp (twpsyn = Daft).

Her father once roped,and rode a troublesome ram up & down the street.

Her mother once dressed up like a bat,and scared the drunks coming out of the pub.
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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby Branhard » Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:02 am

The only ones I actually knew were my maternal grandfather and his siblings. But my greatgrandmother's half brother's grandson Tom , I never met but constantly heard of during my childhood,was one of those people who deliberately seek a reputation as a wag, so much so that my father knew of him long before he met my mother whom he was quite surprised to discover was a relation of Tom's. Hs reputation was based on a deliberate display of self-deprecating behaviour. For instance, acosted in the presence of friends by a paper boy, he declined the offer to sell him a newspaper by saying he did not know how to read, but then relented by asking the price (as if anyone would be ignorant of the price of a newspaper). The paperboy replied that it would be a half penny (this was before World War One). "In that case, I'll have one." The paper purchased, he ostentatiously held it upside down to read it. The astounded paperboy pointed out his error. "Told yer I could read!" he replied, producing a roar of laughter from his companions. I could go on with many similar stories, but what has always interested me is why anyone would be in so desperate a need of such a reputation.

His grandfather (my own grandfather's employer) was a Gradgrind sort of self-made businessman who was actually illiterate: he married a schoolteacher precisely so he would not waste time away from his business (a haulage firm in the London docks that still exists, 90 years after his death), just to learn to read. So I imagine TB's behaviour was basically a public rebelling against his grandfather's overly srious attitude to life. My own grandfather and his brothers were very funny, but they were so quite unselfconsciously, and without any need or desire to "show off."
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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby macgregor » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:10 am

yes...my friend who recently committed suicide
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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby Diamont » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:06 am

I once knew a fellow Officer in the Mess who had a reputation for oddity.

On the tables at lunchtime, the Mess waiters often placed a small vase of flowers. The first thing he used to do was extract the small posy, liberally season it with salt and pepper, and then eat it.

"They're jolly good for you, you know!" he used to say. I once saw him munch his way through a n entire bunch of daffodils.

On one occasion I happened to see his official record of service. One Commanding Officer had written in it:

"The men would follow this Officer anywhere-even if only out of sheer curiosity."

Alas, this wonderful character was killed on active service.

The Mess was never quite the same after that.
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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby Kalman » Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:13 am

Yes, my cousin Mick.
He was real witty.
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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby Beacan » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:35 am

My mother's first cousin. He was always a hoot no matter where we were. Even at funerals he would joke around and having a grand time!
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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby Norberto » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:23 am

Yes, my aunt married a magician. He traveled all over and he was a real colorful character. He had a fast wit. Right of the bat he had something funny to say.He had a gibbons ape which destroyed the living room and my aunt gave him an ultimatum, the monkey goes or she did. He had a big macaw parrot that was smart as a whip, he even had a skeleton he used in his acts. He traveled all over. He was my most memorable. They are both passed on many years now, but great memories.
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Senior Citizens!, Do You Remember The People In Your Lives Who Were Real Live Funny Characters?.?

Postby Custennin » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:27 am

LOL My entire family, if we could put all that wit,fun,joking on camera, we'd a top class comedy act, but it's spontaneous and only friends,acquaintances,neighbours ever see it.
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