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Recording Studio Construction Details And Professional Help Needed!?

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Recording Studio Construction Details And Professional Help Needed!?

Postby Ahtunowhiho » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:24 am

I have a rectangular room available (3.5m x 9m), and I want to divide it into two parts, one being the live recording soundproof room and the other one being the control room. There is an existing door at one end of the room and a window at the other end. (both on 3.5m walls) The existing door would lead me to the control room, and I want to construct a soundproof wall which divides between the control room and the recording room. This wall would have a soundproof door and a soundproof window. The existing window would end up at the other end of the recording room. Question is: how can I soundproof the recording room. (4 walls, ceiling, floor, door, window, and existing window) Should I soundproof anything else? Like the whole room? The existing room's walls are made of 10-15 cm concrete blocks. The floor and ceiling are made of concrete 35cm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Recording Studio Construction Details And Professional Help Needed!?

Postby Manfrid » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:11 pm

To sound proof a room, you need to build a ''room within a room''

Basically you have to build 4 new walls a floor and a ceiling inside the existing room so that it doesn't touch the outside walls.

Sound travels by vibration, so if there is a gap between the walls the sound cant vibrate across... but you will need to fill this gap with acoustic foam

Start with the floor, obviously this will have to touch the existing floor in a few places, but as little as possible, and in those places use some type of dampening rubber of foam insulation, then build up the walls and ceiling, and fill in the space between with acoustic insulation leaving no space, When lining the walls don't use gypsum board, there is special acoustic fiber board you will need, also any plugs sockets etc will need to be pulled forward and fitted into the new walls, There can be no echo inside the room, so the walls and ceiling will have to be lined with foam tiles which can be bought on

amazon by the box, though there are more expensive professional versions out there, the floor will need a special lining as well, The door may have to be 2 separate doors, and the window may also have to be 2 windows double or triple glazed with no openings.

Remember, no room can be made totally sound proofed, Just greatly reduced, Depending on what you want you could spend £3000 on this or £50,000, personally if it was me i would go with the £3000 option, and do the work yourself, there is plenty of ''how to'' online and all of the materials can be ordered, but shop around because the price can be vastly different and some of the lower end stuff is sufficient for a home studio.
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