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Questions About The School Clinic?

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Questions About The School Clinic?

Postby Fernando » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:40 am

I was gonna put in policies..but i dunno if this counts as policies...

I'm curious as why it is they can only send you home if you puke and have a fever...and sometimes that's even stretched. Like today, my friend puked in 4th period--they told her to see if she puked again, and if so they'd send her home. 5th period--she puked and they said if she puked during lunch they'd send her home. Well she was feeling really sick and wasn't going to deal with that so she told an administrator at lunch "she puked" and they sent her up and she went home. But it really made me po'd because she should of been sent home the first time, and why would they make her wait and feel horrible all day?

But aside from that, even if you feel like you're going to explode, you wont be sent home unless you've puked or have a fever. I've heard cases of people having horrible headaches, body pains, heck, I've even heard of sprained body parts, and they still weren't sent home! It's happened to me before (bad stomach pains, felt sick, headaches, etc. wasn't sent home). Most of the time, if I'm sick, I have to risk getting ISS by texting my dad in class to come get me. It shouldn't ever get that far...

Plus, the staff in the clinic are jerks. They have no patience, and snap at you for nothing.

So, I'm just wondering, what is up with this? Why do they make us suffer?

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