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Questions About Creative's Mp3 Players?

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Questions About Creative's Mp3 Players?

Postby Beldene » Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:05 am

The creative mp3 players are not natively compatible with iTunes. However, there is 3rd party software available that you can download to use iTunes to sync with your creative or other mp3 player. If by downloading music you mean putting music on the player, then you can use windows media player or the included software with your player. Depending on which mp3 player you get, the batteries are either disposable (AA, AAA, etc.) or charging the batteries is very similar to the iPod, where a connector is included to connect it to either an outlet or a USB port for charging. For your final question, it's impossible to determine which is a better buy. For a flash drive-based player, Creative offers a wide variety of products, and I think that they are better than the iPod shuffle, though not the nano (yay for video!). For a harddrive based player, the iPod classic is a great deal, probably better than the Vision:M.

Hope this helped.

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