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Question About Camcorders?

Camcorders Discussion

Question About Camcorders?

Postby Addergoole » Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:42 pm

Hi all.. was wondering, was researching the following camcorders and had 2 questions..

1. Currently, I shoot video content of models with my Canon Powershotz A1000 digital camera in the video mode. Will any of these be an upgrade from this?

2. Which, of the below, are best for face detection? I record models in different settings.

I have many lighting kits so quality on these should be excellent

So far.. I have considered:

SONY DCR-SX45 Handycam

SONY DCR-SX85 Handycam


Canon FS300 Flash Memory camcorder

Canon Vixia HF R11 camcorder

Canon FS100 flash memory camcorder
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Question About Camcorders?

Postby Hagan » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:47 am

With the Canon VIXIA HF R11 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder, you'll find that high definition video has hit new levels of convenience, ease, performance- and value. The VIXIA HF R11 has a 32GB internal flash drive, together with an SD memory card slot, Canon's Relay Recording and Smart Auto. A Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens and Dynamic IS works in combination with our sophisticated Canon HD image processing to deliver the sharp, vivid, lifelike video you want to see on your HDTV. Advanced Video Snapshot lets you create 2-, 4- or 8-second movie clips, with music, that are perfect for sharing. And the advanced easy-to-operate control features of the VIXIA HF R11 help to make high-quality video that can turn the casual shooter into the family cinematographer, at a very affordable price.
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Question About Camcorders?

Postby Wayte » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:17 pm

Getting a HD camcorder is taking a step backward in Video Quality.
Hd camcorder Interpolate the video, which means every 4th or 5th frame of a video is of what is being video-graphed, the other frames are filled in by the camcorder, thus giving you not true video.
MiniDV tape camcorders give every frame of every shot and usually cost less.
http://simplevideoediting.com/learn/part... http://simplevideoediting.com/learn/part...

Consumer level HD camcorders have 4 problems. 1) Blurry, fuzzy, out of focus areas closely around people in videos taken by consumer level HD camcorders. 2) Any movement, even a wave or lifting an arm, while in front of a recording consumer level HD camcorder, results in screen ghosts and artifacts being left on the video track, following the movement. Makes for bad video, sports videos are unwatchable. 3) These Consumer level HD camcorders all have a habit of the transferred to computer files are something you need to convert, thus losing your HD quality, to work with your editing software. 4) Mandatory maximum record times - 1 hour, 30 minutes, 8 minutes, 3 minutes ? four different times advertised as maximum record time for some consumer level HD camcorders. No event I have ever been to is that short. Either take multiple camcorders or pack up with out getting the end of the event on video.

MiniDV is currently the most popular format for consumer digital camcorders. MiniDV camcorders are typically more affordable than their HDD and DVD counterparts. Each MiniDV tape will typically hold an hour of footage at normal recording speed and quality. MiniDV tapes are available for purchase at not only electronic and camera stores, but also at drugs stores and grocery stores, making them easy to find while your on vacation. There are literally hundreds of MiniDV camcorders available; both in standard and high-definition.
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Question About Camcorders?

Postby Byrne » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:41 am

this question recently got here up interior the ny circumstances. formally, there is not any specific regulation limiting using a camcorder for the time of flight. although, there have been circumstances the place passengers filming for the time of takeoff and landing have been asked to place their camcorders away. airlines have given one clarification for it: easily your camcorder is a factor of your carry-on luggage, and all luggage could desire to be placed away the two interior the overhead bin or below the seat in front of you, in case there is turbulence and you lose administration of your camcorder. My suggestion could be: decide for it, yet while a flight attendant asks you to place it away, admire his/her practise, and you may desire to be superb.
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