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Ps2 And Nintendo 64 On Led Tv: Is There A Way To Make Them Look Normal?

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Ps2 And Nintendo 64 On Led Tv: Is There A Way To Make Them Look Normal?

Postby Caddarik » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:29 am

So, the situation: I have a collection of old and perfectly working video game consoles, that I keep with proudy care and attention. As the times goes by, and to center all the video outputs of my room in just one screen I was seriously considering to buy a new TV set, a LED TV/Monitor from Samsung. It would be great for the TV purposes, and as a direct HDMI output for my computers and my tablet.

HOWEVER, the image of PS2 and Nintendo 64 at it looked absolutely awful when I tried it (still on the store). There was pixelation everywhere, any possible anti-aliasing effect disappeared, was a complete disaster (N64 was given actually even HARD TO UNDERSTAND THE IMAGES). As I really don't want to keep my precious collection as unplayable museum pieces, and want to keep it working, I ask: what should be the best thing to do?

a)Buy the LED TV and complete the set with some kind of gadget that could "translate" the images in lower resolutions of the old games into something that a LED Full Hd TV could show as understandable/acceptable images? (and...what kind of gadget would be this one?)

b) Forget the LED TV and buy one (rare, but still existing) slim CRT Flat Screen TV? So, my collection would be playable, but I would have no HDMI output/Full HD capabilities...

c) Just do the Yao Ming face and buy both, the LED TV and the Slim CRT Flat Screen (and then get two TV sets in my room, what I get as...somewhat odd and not efficient. As is a small room, I would not like to cram it with bunches of TV sets)

Keeping in mind that I watch few or no TV usually, I use TVsets more for playing video games, or as an extra monitor to my computer and occasionaly to watch movies.

And I DON'T WANT A PS3 NOW. I am a collector of old videogames, a PS3 is a "new one" and don't appeal to me in anything right now (maybe in future it could interest, but right now just don't).
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Ps2 And Nintendo 64 On Led Tv: Is There A Way To Make Them Look Normal?

Postby Keelan » Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:48 pm

N64: Mario Kart sixty 4, Goldeneye 007 PS2: i could advise the Hitman or Splinter cellular sequence. those video games are based greater on stealth than violence (and relatively, the latest video games in each and every sequence reward you as such). the terrific Hitman interest is Blood money (however i could additionally advise 2 and Contracts) and the terrific Splinter cellular interest is Chaos concept (however i could advise the unique and Pandora day after today). besides the fact that, in case you have already performed =Ocarina of Time, you ought to merely wanna supply up gaming now, for the reason which you have already performed the terrific interest EVER.
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Ps2 And Nintendo 64 On Led Tv: Is There A Way To Make Them Look Normal?

Postby Trevyn » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:45 am

Does this look pixelated to you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taezTsrv...

That's how PS2 looks on my HDTV using COMPONENT cables.

As for N64, I think the best you can get is only s-video, but I think that should be clearer than nothing.

IF that still looks ugly.
Just get an old fashioned CRT.
Old consoles were designed for old TVs not new ones.
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