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Problems About Bootcamp & Mountain Lion Os X? Please Help!?

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Problems About Bootcamp & Mountain Lion Os X? Please Help!?

Postby colfre » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:07 pm

It's about the bootcamp thingy, Ive downloaded a 'fake' one from isohunt.com

Its a windowz 7 home premium i believe! I thought its gon' be ok but when it comes to the install windows and so on.. and when my laptop restarts.. it got an error. And I cant open it now.. It opens but it stays on a blank gray screen and never ever move. And now I brought it to someone who can fix it (not an Apple store) and now they need the DVD. But I bought my laptop last year and it's Snow leopard! Ive updated my laptop to Mountain Lion. And theyre going to reset my laptop as soon as possible, I know everything will be deleted and they will use the OLD DVD INSTALLER OF MY MAC (Snow leopard) so is there any chance I can get back my mountain lion? please. thanm you :(

ps: i shouldve just brought the original cd :(
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Problems About Bootcamp & Mountain Lion Os X? Please Help!?

Postby Donnally » Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:07 pm

Please take your MacBook Pro back to the store where you bought it.

They can re-install OS X Mountain Lion, if need be.

And, take your legal W 7 DVD, if that's what you have, so they can install it for you, under BootCamp.

TIP: If your W 7 DVD is NOT legal, that's your REAL problem, BUY a LEGAL W 7 DVD!!!
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Problems About Bootcamp & Mountain Lion Os X? Please Help!?

Postby Matty » Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:25 pm

You are doing about six things wrong, some illegal. Can you just stop doing all that and get back on track??????

"I brought it to someone who can fix it (not an Apple store)"

Go to them and take the computer back.

"now they need the DVD"

So they think, but they are flatly WRONG! That's why you take your computer back. They have no idea what they are doing. The Apple folks know that they don't need no stinkin' DVD. You don't need any DVD after you upgrade to OS 10.7 or later legally and by installing over the older OS. That puts a hidden restore partition on the hard drive, so no DVD is needed ever again.

Why do you keep saying "my laptop"??? Can you see what it is on the frame below the screen??? That's where Apple puts the model name of the computer.... or is it even an Apple computer?

If you really do have an Apple notebook computer....

and if you installed a legally paid for and downloaded OS 10.8 over the old OS 10.6....

Do this....

-- Restart while holding the command and R keys for 30 seconds.

-- Select "Disk Utility".

-- Repair Disk.

-- If it finds any problems, repair again.

-- If that fixes it, done.

-- If no problems were found at all, quit Disk Utility, and reinstall OS 10.8.

If you don't have the guts to walk into that shop and take back your computer from those dopes, you will get whatever you allow them to do. Later, you can install OS 10.8 by doing the steps above.

As for fretting about "everything will be deleted", that's number seven wrong thing you are doing---using a computer with no backup. If the computer is a MacBook Pro, go to the Dollar Store and buy a couple of DVD-RW for 99 cents each, and burn your important stuff to them... if you end up with anything to burn. If it is a MacBook Air (no DVD drive), buy a thumb drive for 20 bucks. I'm sure you spent more than that at the mall last month. Life is for making smart decisions. Start now!
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