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Power Cord Through Ceiling First To 2nd Floor?

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Power Cord Through Ceiling First To 2nd Floor?

Postby Elishua » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:34 pm

Is it okay to drill a hole in the 2nd floor to put a power cord wire through it. In order to power my window air conditioner in my room. The way the power is set up every time i run the air condition i blow the breaker to my room. The power cord will be in less than a inch in the floor. My room is directly above the living room area. I was going to have it going directly up the wall into my room. Is this a safety hazard i was going to use a http://www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-SUPER7TEL15-Protector-Outlet/dp/B00006B829/ref=pd_sim_e_1 in order to do this.

I was going to remove the plug end put the wire through the hole then attach a new 3 prong head to it. so the hole would just be a little bigger than a coaxial cable.

Please help!!
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Power Cord Through Ceiling First To 2nd Floor?

Postby Kelby » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:26 pm

Listen to the electrician he knows what he is talking about.
If the insurance company can prove you intentionally violated building codes they can and will deny any coverage.
Extension cords can be a serious fire hazards. You should never run an extension cord through a confined space.
You should never run any appliance for a prolonged time with an extension cord.
If the AC unit is blowing a circuit that should tell you the circuit is overloaded.
Now stop and think. If your AC unit is drawing so much power that is causes a circuit to blow, would it maybe draw so much power that it might heat up an extension cord going through flammable wood it a closed confined space? No it will not be cheap to hook up a new circuit.
But ask yourself, is it worth risking your life, and the life of everyone living in your household.
Electrical fires are not caused by people following proper building codes, but by people trying to get around the rules and regulations and doing stupid things.
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Power Cord Through Ceiling First To 2nd Floor?

Postby Daryn » Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:37 pm

As previously stated. to do what you have described is a code violation X2. Not only is running an extension cord thru the floor illegal, so is using an extension cord as permanent wiring.
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Power Cord Through Ceiling First To 2nd Floor?

Postby Whitelaw » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:34 am

Well, not certain on the wi-fi answer, however have the equal quandary, so comprehend what you mean. I've opted with beneath the carpet however this limits speaker areas as a result of short cables. Simplest other answer that I proposal of was once to run the wires by way of a cable tidy (sincerely plastic square tube in white from the again of the tv, and alongside the ceiling, this solutions simplest relatively excellent when you've got white ceiling and walls, or are inclined to paint the tubing the colour of the wall. Otherwise it is most likely best to use the same idea alongside the skirting (you can often ought to ship both rear audio system the equal method to restrict the door, and you'll be able to most definitely ought to purchase extra wire, (again not definite if there would be a problem with degradation of sound fine over a quality distance, but i might suspect a further 10 meters of cable should not intent an excessive amount of issues on a tight method.) once more the solution above will also be achieved below the carpet, and regularly a greater option for (out of sightness), beware though do not pull up the entire carpet, only small areas, and use a wire coat hanger to get from hole to gap, or else you could have a carpet shrinking limitation, or looseness). Hope that's helpful.
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