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I-pod Classic Corrupted And Does Not Restore?

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I-pod Classic Corrupted And Does Not Restore?

Postby Jotham » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:07 pm

I'm good at this kind of problems but I'm stuck this time...

I had these two three songs, which were corrupt .. but they used to play normally, there was only a small problem of WRONG TIME LEFT .. whereas it was 6 min it showed 30 min .. so it was corrupt, i had placed this song about a month ago, and a week later i started experiencing minute hangs, but they used to recover automatically... and i did not know what to do, so i just left it ... now ..

when i just started to listen to it yesterday, it did not play anything, and freezes every moment..

and after about an hour of freezing its battery went dead.. i charged it and now its on the apple logo.. which means its in the disk mode, and i have to restore it using a computer and iTunes.

So,when i connect it to my computer, on windows XP it shows in the (:H) and i cannot open it, as it needs formatting, so when i format it, it says, drive cannot be formatted... it is not detected in iTunes... it cannot be formatted by any other software...

On windows 7 .. the OS doesn't even DETECT the IPOD

And so i cannot restore it...

If any body knows what to do, please help me...

i have tried every kind of trouble shooting, even the button clicking, connecting by installing new version of iTunes, installing driver, etc. but it does not work...
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