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*•please!!! How To Convince My Mum To Get Me A Ipod Touch?

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*•please!!! How To Convince My Mum To Get Me A Ipod Touch?

Postby Cashesegra » Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:54 am

So I want a 5g iPod touch for the flash, camera, iOS and etc. I already have a 2g but I cannot get any good apps or take photos so it's not that good. My mum got the 2nd gen for free so

she gave it to me as a birthday gift. I get amazing grades but fell out with ma parents a lot. I have a blackberry with a camera n stuff but that is too fat to carry around and it is 4 yrs old so l don't wanna use it cause it will break and it does not catch internet signal anyways. Please help how can I convince my mum to get me a 5g (I would be ok with a 4g but would prefer a 5g more). Yes, I need it and am only a little bit spoiled, I don't get an allowance and only get like 30 quid a year for Xmas. I. could save off my dinner money but I don't wanna starve. Thx.

P. S. My younger sister would get my 2g and I cannot get a job yet.
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*•please!!! How To Convince My Mum To Get Me A Ipod Touch?

Postby Aryo » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:50 pm

Show her this thread.
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*•please!!! How To Convince My Mum To Get Me A Ipod Touch?

Postby Carny » Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:01 pm

you dont need one you want one

Stop being ungrateful, you have a blackberry and there are plenty of people who want a smartphone and cannot afford it

I have a nokia N8

and ipod touch 4th gen

I would kill for an iphone, but if your going to keep falling out with your parents, due to your attitude or theirs, then why should they buy you one,

Also, older blackberries were designed for business people in mind, so when you actually do buy an older blackberry, thats designed to take a knock or 10000

so dont BS people on here saying it will break, they are touch as nails

stop being ungrateful

be happy with what youve got

Not the answer you wanted to read but i dont care, youve got something which plays music, youve got something to take pictures with

Its not about what youve got, its about the way you use it. I would kill for an iphone as ive previously stated. I have an ipod and a phone. My ipod i use literally for music and videos, that is it, thats all i need it for. My phone, well, that does what a phone is meant to do

now your also complaining about poor signal strength on your blackberry, try doing a signal test in your area, and you need to connect to a wifi hotspot to use the internet on an ipod touch, so thats another point of yours out the window
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