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Please Help Me Complete This Assignment?

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Please Help Me Complete This Assignment?

Postby Coley » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:08 pm

26. An all graphical user interface (GUI) was first introduced in which of the following

operating systems?

A. Mac OS C. Windows 95

B. Sun OS D. Windows XP

27. The joining of multiple servers to combine resources and share the computing load is


A. clustering. C. mirroring.

B. indexing. D. netting.

28. Where does the basic input/output system (BIOS) reside?

A. In an application program loaded at start-up

B. On the CD-ROM

C. With the device drivers

D. In read-only memory (ROM)

29. What does user portability mean?

A. Any computer that?s portable, such as laptops, notebooks, and hand-held

B. Wireless remote infrared links of peripherals, like a keyboard, mouse, and printer

C. The ability of a user to work on many different computer systems

D. Ability to access a network from any location, usually using phone lines

30. A Windows application program has a graphical logo that?s displayed while the application

is loading. What file type (extension) is the logo likely to have?


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Please Help Me Complete This Assignment?

Postby Madoc » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:53 pm

26. A

The Mac OS was first to have a desktop during the MS-DOS days. (Source 1)

27. A

Clustering. (See Source 2)

28. D

The BIOS is stored inside a ROM chip on the motherboard.

29. C

User portability is basically allowing users to operate on different computer systems without retraining. (i.e. If you know how to operate an OS on one computer, you should be able to use the same OS on another computer without much trouble)

30. C

JPEG is the only picture type file in the listed choices.
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