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Play Ps3 Through Tv Tuner Card?

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Play Ps3 Through Tv Tuner Card?

Postby Neese » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:30 pm

i know there's a way, so if you're going to say it can't be done, please don't bother posting.

how can i do this? i use a/v component cables, and my tv tuner has component cables (only video) in AND out...

the tuner came in my pc, and there is no seperate programs for it (it's a vista media center pc) all i can do is open up media center.

either there's a program i need to download, or there's something i need to tweak, and that's what i need to know exactly what to do... i've been googling my *** off, but i can't find any tutorials... (i can find lots of stuff about you need such and such connection that you can buy here, but i don't need the connection, i need a tutorial on how you do things after you have the hardware.)

any help is appreciated.

again, i don't need idiots telling me 'you can't do that' (sure seems to be alot of idiots on Y!A lately) save your breath because you can, it's just obviously not simple.
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Play Ps3 Through Tv Tuner Card?

Postby Whittaker » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:09 pm

You CAN do it, the quality will most likely suck and not make it worth it, though. To do it you'll need a program the accepts input from TV tuners, the only one that I know of is WinDVR (not dvD, it's dvR) and it's not free.

If you just want to use your monitor as a screen for your PS3 instead of piping it through your computer you can just buy a VGA or DVI cable for your PS3 and plug it in. If there's only one port on your monitor you can get a KVM switch.
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Play Ps3 Through Tv Tuner Card?

Postby Ariance » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:57 am

the moment character had it correct you do not ought to seize simply play the video and with a view to eliminate the lag time. it's going to be within the manage instruments correct Click at the computer and difference the settings to play mode handiest.
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