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I Am Pissed Off By My Brain.?

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I Am Pissed Off By My Brain.?

Postby Sewell » Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:43 pm

Since September my brain has been pissing me off.

Let me explain.

My brain constantly goes from one question to another and obsesses over it.

In September it was if I should Windows 8 or a new mac.

I obsessed over that for 3 weeks.

In December it was What if I were gay?

and I obsessed over that for 2 weeks and I couldn't look at a hot girl for a week. I got over it eventually.

In March I obsessed whether I am vegetarian or not? I couldn't eat meat for like 3 weeks. I got over it.

In April I obsessed about the difference between Canada and America? for 2 months. I got over it.

Now I am obsessed to the same question I had. "what If I were gay?"

I am so pissed.

I can't even imagine being gay. (I don't mind gay people but don't want to be gay)

I will probably get over it and continue to hang out with hot girls.

My brain always gets over one question and then obsesses over another. I get so mad. There are theses small periods of time where my brain acts normal. I want this to stop. I am know to be a happy and funny guy. I am 14 and maybe it is a hormone thing but I really want answers. Please help me. I am really pissed off lately.
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