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Photo Editing Software?

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Photo Editing Software?

Postby natalio33 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:11 am

i think it would be better for you to use photoshop because it has a tools for selecting objects i.e. you can use to select the whole cup for removing or whatever you want to do with it
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Photo Editing Software?

Postby Ally » Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:36 am

Picasa would be best. It's very user- friendly.

Download it from here:

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Photo Editing Software?

Postby Danylets » Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:58 am


You can download the latest version of Picasa here http://bitly.com/1p6mIVS

Picasa is a software developed by Google to manage digital images.
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Photo Editing Software?

Postby Rashae » Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:49 am

TRY TO USE PHOTOSCAPE A FREEWARE PROGRAME OR USE PHOTOPLUS http://www.serif.com/free-photo-editing-...
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Photo Editing Software?

Postby Lorimer » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:09 pm

You could use photshop but if you dont like it ... There is an online soft called ipiccy and is pretty powerful. If you want a program installed to your pc for offline work go for The Gimp. Is extremely good.

Otherwise try Cinepaint. It is used from any photo editors and it can handle video to. Moreover you could try splushup. It is a little difficult to learn but powerful. If you want something to buy try photokey from fxhome. (is a green screen app mainly but has nice features,color correction etc)

hoping i was helpful...
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Photo Editing Software?

Postby Ogilvie » Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:50 am

As the person said above, Photoshop is a pretty decent choice for what you are asking for. Although it is an expensive piece of software. You could try the trial version for 30 days.
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