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What Operating System Is Best For My Old Pc?

I have a old PC that my friend gave me. The PC Specs: Intel(R) Pentium Dual Core E2200 @2.2Ghz (800Mhz,1MB L2), 160GB Seagate 7,200RPM, 1.5GB 800Mhz RAM (1x1GB, 1x512MB), SiS Mirage 3 IGP, DVD-RW Drive. This Old has no OS installed, I don't know which OS is best for this Old PC.

I have the following OS but don't know which OS is best for the Old PC:

- Windows XP ...
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Is There Any Free Good Video Editing Software I Could Use?

Stupeflix is a great web based service for creating and uploading videos. Photobucket is a great web based and FREE editing tools. The software behind it comes from Adobe who make some of the best commercial ($$$) photo and video editors.
Also check out Jaycut which allows you to export and save your videos! If you need/want more features downloading VideoSpin, VideoPad or VideoThang are great options.
Still free, but you have to download the ...
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Question About My Hard Drive.?

Often happens, there must be some temporary hidden files there which automatically got deleted by Pc when it does the maintainance work
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What Is Best Between Mac Os V, Windows Vista, And Unix? What Are The Pro's And Cons Of Both?

There is no best. Each has it uses. As for the pros and cons, I'm not doing your homework for you, do some research.

Windows Vista Taskbar Problem?

Hi Seraph,

You may follow the troubleshooting steps from the following link: http://bit.ly/wwJ5F

While re-searching online, I found few users were able to get thier issues resolved by following the instructions from the following links: http://bit.ly/gxys62 http://bit.ly/10evg1w

Note: These steps are going to alter the registry settings of the computer. Before you proceed, you can either back up the registry settings or can create a restore point. You can ...
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How Do I Delete And Restore My Computer?

Dell Restore for Windows Vista/7:

1. Turn on or reboot/restart the computer.

2. As the computer starts, press until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears on the screen.

3. Press the key to select Repair Your Computer on the Advanced Boot Options menu, and then press .

4. Specify the language settings, and then click Next.

5. Log in as a user who has administrative ...
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Wiping Dell Inspiron Hard Drive. No 'repair Computer' Option In Advanced Boot Options.?

That's very strange, maybe your restore partition has been mistakenly deleted.

If it came with Vista originally you should be able to restore to factory settings, unless it's the Inspiron mini, in which case there is no restore option.

Detailed instructions below, but doubt if they'll work as you've already got advanced boot options, but no repair option. Worth another try anyway.


Why Can't My Dvd Burner Read A Dvd It Made?

Many times in the past I have burned an iso image to a CD or DVD with no problems.
Just recently I made a Windows install disk for a friend to reinstall Windows (he had a legit lic on the case) and it worked perfectly. However, I burned 5 DVDs with two different burners (in the same machine) with two different programs (Nero and Imagburn and cannot read either one of them. Windows explorer will ...
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How To Reactivate Vista After Its 30day Trial?

There's no such thing as a Vista "30 Day trial".

Microsoft only gives you 30 days to legally ACTIVATE Vista, using the Activation Code that is included for free when you PAID for Vista.
Then, Microsoft shuts Vista down completely.

Since you don't sound like you have a LEGAL Activation Code, and you likely didn't PAY for Vista either, you simply can NOT get your illegally PIRATED Vista going again. ...
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What Is The Purpose Of The "nethood" Folder In Each Windows Vista User Folder?

In the conditions you give, nothing! No point in deleting it though - just leave it there.




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