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What Do You Make Of This And Are There Stories About It Already?

A very close friend of mine has had "problems" with what might be called "Dissociative I dentity Disorder".

Over the last couple of years, I've seen what I believe are what might be "transformations" as they happened.

These are characterized by a very "dark" look. Her eyes seem to "go dark" and its like time stops (or slows down as if everything goes into a "slow motion") and its like all ...

Is There Any Way To Put Something Over A Video So They Can't See Me?

Yes, in the Windows Movie Maker, there should be an audio record button or something like that. You can use that, and just add a picture you want to it.

Or, you can record a video from your webcam, but cover the lens, with like paper, tape, or even your finger.

Making Home Energy Efficient?

sleep with an electric blanket, turn your thermostat down, wear sweats
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Entities Followed Me During Out Of Body Experience?

For a few years I've had out of body experiences, I can provoke them on a regular basis when I relax enough.

Anyway, last night I had one that was strange. As I projected I rolled off the sofa where I was lay and hit the floor. I looked up thinking I'd fallen of the chair and seen myself laying there. I heard a wind outside, so I went to see what it ...
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What Was Life Like For The Rich In The 1500s?

it would vary depending on where we are talking about.
generally, wealthy people had large homes, and employed many servants.
if they were nobility or gentry, they were likely to own country estates which would be largely self- supporting, with their own farms producing food for their households.
Any items that could not be grown or made at home would be ordered from towns.
They would have glass windows (glass was still quite expensive at ...
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Help With Car Loans Please?

My car is on the brink of death and I am so sick of dealing with crappy cars that are not reliable and always need repairs I cant really afford.. I need a car for to and from work and for some of my errands. I thought getting a loan may be a good idea but I am not sure and it kind of scares me. I dont know how they work I dont know ...
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Recently Using Windows 8. Whar Are The Games I Can Play In It?

Some games require that Games for Windows be installed before they will work.

Download the latest Games for Windows Marketplace Client then try playing your games again.

You will also want to make sure you're running the latest driver from the manufacturer. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/LIVE/PC/Downlo...

- Dominic
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How Do I Remove Lindows Live Essentials Automatic Update Feature?

I've already installed the program (it came built in to my new computer). I've set Windows update to refuse updates and hidden all the undates it tried foisting on me during the time it took to start windows and get to the security center to turn off updates. Love how it deliberately turns itself back on when you "check for updates" the only way to remove already downloaded updates from bothering you about installing them. ...

3dbuzz Vs Digital Tutors?

What are you looking to accomplish? Are you wanting to learn drawing, 2D design, 3D design, web development, application development, game development, or mobile development?

Full disclosure: I am the lead programming instructor at 3DBuzz.

We run live classes in a webinar format that allow for real-time feedback for the students. I strongly believe in this format for learning really any topic. Even if you cannot make it for a live ...
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