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Can Someone Help Me Determine These Rashes?

Hello. Any help would be so much appreciated this rash is driving me crazy.

A little history about my health.

I thought my rash was due to my thyroid levels being way out of whack and I am working to get my medicine right on dosage. I take Levothyroixine 150 mcg and I was hyperthyroid now I am hypothyroid after RAI treatment and even though I am on medication for it ...
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What Software Do I Need To Transfer Music Files From My Laptop To My Samsung Galaxy Y?

You shouldn't need software. Just connect the phone to your pc is usb mass storage mode. You may need to have a microSD card in the phone's slot. When you connect that way the card shows up on the computer as a removable device you can just copy and paste music files to - a flash drive. That's how I did it with 2 basic phones. If your smartphone can't do that then you've got ...

Can I Use Any Hard Drive For My Laptop?

Hi, I'm looking to install a new hard drive into my hp laptop since the old one is failing, I'm inexperienced when it comes to hard drive specs so I don't know which hard drive is right for my laptop.

My laptop used a SPS-DRV HDD 320GB 7200RPM SATA RAW 2.5IN, I looked online and they're expensive so I wanted to see if you could substitute another less expensive hard drive into a ...
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What Are Some Gaming Pc Requirements That Are Cheap And Affordable ?

Gaming PC's CAN be cheap if you know what you're doing.

If you're on a budget;

CPU - AMD FX6300 - $140

RAM - 8GB DDR3 1600MHz - $50 (When on sale)

Motherboard - MSI-760GM-E51 - $65

750GB HDD - Around $65-70

Coreair CX600 - $70

Video card - AMD Radeon 7790 - $180 (If on sale)

Cooler master ...

Hard Drive Problem? Do I Need To Replace?

My laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-NW265F

And my Hard Drive is a Western Digital WDC WD3200BEVS-26VAT0

My laptop is a little bit over 2 year old, but only about one week ago, it began to make a ding/beep sound. It happened every few hours or so and it was coming from inside the laptop. I suspected that it was from the general direction of the hard drive, so I did ...
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What Cable Is Supposed To Be Plugged Into Hard Drive?

I take it you are talking about a ide drive and not a sata drive?... if so the ide cable can support 2 periphrels icd/dvd drive and 1 hdd drive or 2 cd/dvd drives or 2 hdd drives if you have 1 cd/dvd drive and 1 hdd on the same cable you should have jumpers on thr said drives which need to be placed in the correct posistion, hdd should be master, and yes these ...
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Money Problems Between My Mother And Father?

Back in June I was given roughly $700 in cash and a $100 best buy gift card by my father for graduation.

He told me a few weeks ago that he wants me to spend the money on something awarding and I mentioned how long I'd wanted the iPad and he told me to buy one.

My mom will not let me buy one though and insists that I spend the ...
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Desktop Computer Wont Recognize Hard Drive ?

I had Windows 7 installed on MY Desktop, everything worked fine.

My brothers computer died and wanted to get his files back.

I plugged his hard drive with windows Vista into my Desktop.

I changed Boot menu to his hard drive and got the files he needed.

I removed his hard drive and restarted PC and set Boot menu back to my hard drive.

Now ...
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Computer Power Supplies?

I'm trying to build a gaming computer it's my first time and I'm trying to figure out the power supply I need to use I currently have everything else's but need help on this.

I have a

AMD A10-Series AD580KWOHJBOX processor

FM2A75 Pro4-M motherboard

Sapphire radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR3 PCIE HDMI graphics card

Cooler master elite 430 - mid tower computer case
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Can I Use This External Hard Drive With My Pc?

A while ago I spilled water on my mac and after letting it dry now I'm going to see if it's still working. If it does, I'm going to do a backup.

HOWEVER, stupid me just realized that my external hard drive is only compatible with mac (this one http://www.g-technology.com/products/g-d... ), while the computer I need to upload my stuff on afterward is a PC (Windows 7).

So I wonder if ...
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