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How Do I Install Photoshop On My Laptop Successfully?

So, I have HP Pavilion notebook PC (64 bit), and I downloaded photoshop trial from the adobe website. At first, everything came up fine and the download seemed successful, but when I restarted the laptop I got the screen of death and I recovered it with system restore. This has happened all the three times I tried to download photoshop. I tried a registry cleanup, but no change. I really need photoshop for a project, ...
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I Need Help Creating A Game.?

Try these



It is very vital to games so you need to learn it.
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I Want To Learn All About Image Post Processing. Where Should I Start?

I use Adobe Photoshop for some simple post processing of my images like removing blemishes. I want to learn details of post processing especially 'levels'. I know there is a lot of material available on the internet but I need a proper direction. Reading random articles doesn't work for me. I want to learn step by step and in full detail. Please tell me how do I do this. Where do I start?

Where To Find Post-apocalyptic Renders (for Photoshop)?

I'm manipulating a landscape photo of a city into a post-apocalyptic city/wasteland, using Photoshop.

Now, I need all kinds of different renders (cut-out items and objects) like a wreckage of a crashed helicopter, burning trash can, damaged buildings, etc. Those are just a few random examples, but you get the idea. I couldn't find a good source of this kind of material with Google. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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How To Change Your Profile Picture On Yahoo Answers?

You must create your own avatar using software on your computer or download one from one of the many avatar sites on the web.
Keep the avatar small. The displayed avatar is 48x48 pixels and under 5k. A very large avatar may become distorted or blurry. I recommend keeping it square and under 100k. Yahoo no longer has a site to create one. It closed on 4/1/13.

Here is a site where you ...
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Photo Software?

www.download.com is a great resource for all sorts of stuff.
I'm sure you canfind what you are looking for there as well as other unrelated software items you never thought woudl be helpful.
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Howw Do You Edit A Photo This Way?

It is actually called Selective (or partial) desaturation

(by the way, it is NOT colourizing or colouring as some people call it - that is a totally different technique used on b&w images).

For Photoshop, Elements and Gimp:

1. Duplicate your background layer.

Desaturate that layer (i.e. make it b&w).

3. Apply a layer mask to the layer.

4. Use the black ...
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Adobe Illustrator Drawing 10 Points Best Answer?

Hello everybody, I am once again attempting to learn Adobe Illustrator (CS3)..

in the past I used to draw alot in microsoft paint, however I just want to use Illustrator due to many more possibilities.

I'm not a bad artist, but I haven't drawn in a while so I'm kind of rough.

my question is, how do I draw? what is the most efficient way to make drawings in ...
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How Can I Make Glowing Text Via Blending Options In Photoshop Elements Seven ?

I wish you'd given a link to an example.
I usually use Outer Glow and/or Inner Glow in Layer Styles and then tweak them with Style Settings by clicking the little "fx" on the right side of the layer.
You can even get a glow effect. albeit one-sided, using Drop Shadow, changing the shadow color and then tweaking its opacity, size and distance.
Try duplicating the text layer, maybe increasing its size a little and ...

Adope Photoshop Please Help Guys?

If you are incapable of finding the Adobe Photoshop link or the Adobe website, it's highly unlikely that you will be able to use Adobe Photoshop. It's professional grade software, and extremely complex. If you are not a professional, then you won't need it.

Get Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 instead, it's only $99 - specially designed for beginners.

Let me help you http://www.adobe.com/elements - there's even a trial, so you can ...
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